Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thrifty Thursday

There is something so satisfying about thrifting, finding little gems and treasures. Well today my angels were definitely watching over me, as not only did I get 20 minutes in a charity shop, a very rare occurrence these days, I also found some lovely little bits for a total of £11!!! So here are my little bits:

1. Some Wedgewood plates and side plates, they are so pretty for spring and although there are only three of each, I know I will make very good use of them.


2. A cute pink vase and a little one too. I really love the pink one, just perfect for Spring.


3. Some vinyl and two lovely scarfs (blogger clearly has its own perspective on this now upside down pic, we will allow him his moment!)


4. Several metres of green cord fabric and some really pretty floral curtains that I know will come in handy for some future project(s) currently unbeknown to me (oh how the cogs are turning).
Not bad, right?! So now I'm running slightly high with this after-car-boot-sale glow that I used to get back in the days when I was able to go, oh how I miss it. With these finds come inspiration for new projects and a forever increasing list of things to do, but how I love this gentle pressure that builds up somewhere in the back gently nudging me to make and create.
What have you been doing today? Any interesting finds or projects? Hope you have all had a lovely day and look forward to some R&R time over the Easter weekend.
Hannapat xxx


  1. I just LOVE that blue vase! I can see lovely white roses in them. I can't believe you had so much snow this time of year. The weather is really strange. Well its easter once again so we wish you a wonderfully blessed time with lots of easter egg hunting on sunday. We are going to have wet weather they say, and you have snow, so hunting for eggs in the garden is going to be a challenge. We're going to church tomorrow morning and that will be the sum total of our easter celebrations as the weekend will just be like any other working week-end.
    I did manage to do some quilting tonight and had a lovely embroidery class today. I so enjoy the female company, just sitting around embroidering and chatting up a storm.
    Wil send photo's of the embroidery project. xxxxx

    1. I was soo pleased with the vase, love the colours! Pleased to hear that you enjoyed your embroidery, its such fun getting together and crafting. I look forward to seeing some of the pics. LOLXXXX