Sunday, 28 April 2013

Fairy Princess Birthday Party

It's time to breathe again, thank goodness!! Although I was super organised this year, the chaos of the last minute sprint still got my pulse racing. Such fun! The good news is that it was MORE than well worth it, as the Birthday girl was overjoyed with the pinkness and prettiness of it all. She gave loads of cuddles to say 'thank you' and she even made a wish when she blew out here candles for a hug from Mummy, heart melting moments. She was thrilled to bits and so excited by the room decor and her little dress and she even put it on as soon as she woke in the morning, I was impressed. It always warms my heart when they get so much pleasure from their parties and I hand on heart absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE doing them. So here are some pics, brace yourself, it's PINK PINK PINK!





There was something for everyone and the kids had a ball. My fave bit was the fairy hunt in the garden where they had to find the princess fairy amongst the 24 wooden peg fairies I made, you can see more here. The weather was less kind and the trestle table was moved from out-in-and-out again and back-in-again where we set a little party table for them. The weather was so random, even with a couple of hale storms thrown in just for good measure (that's the pics with lots of white on it, it haled lots of pixie dust, heehee). Fortunately kids are never to phased by these weird and wonderful things and they just got stuck in. I think it helped that we had a serious supply of sugar around to distract, that's what parties are about right? The cake was suppose to be a pink flower with a slightly blocky and plump fairy on it as my fairy making went a bit skew-whiff, but at least it was something to giggle about. I think I have grown kinda fond of her over the last week as she has been sitting staring at me at regular intervals from inside our fridge and I think I might just miss her (sniff-sniff). The little party bags caused great excitement and the girls were delighted with their Fairy Princess Tiara's I made, and the super cute Tulle Fairy Wands. Boys being boys were chuffed to dress up in their Peter Pan hats. All in all it was GREAT fun!!

Historically we have always done parties in the afternoon, but this time we did it from 11-1pm and it was so lovely to have the rest of the arvo to open pressies and enjoy some quality time together as a family, so I reckon we'll do the morning thing again. We all enjoyed some happy moments on the very pretty fairy princess bouncy castle before giving Es her first pedal bike. Then we went to our local village school to set the wheels in motion (ta-da). As you can see she LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Amazingly, she actually managed a couple of moments without my doh (darling other half)'s help, a very clever birthday girl indeed. With both ours we have done the balance bike thing from an early age and it was amazing when Josh got his first pedal bike last year as he was just got on and cycled after a couple of attempts, very impressive. Es might be a little young, but time will tell.


On a final note, it did make me giggle when she ran upstairs after her birthday lunch and came down for the cake affair dressed in, yes you guessed right, her PJ's in which she stayed for the rest of the day, heehee. True to form even on her party day, got to love it!!!

What have you been up to this weekend?

Fairy Princess Tiaras

A Fairy princess or Princess is not one without her tiara and I thought it would be a great little party bag filler and so it was. The girls were chuffed to bits with these yesterday. So this is what I did. I bought these pearl and crystal headbands for 99p each from eBay and then added some tulle to it, all very simple. You can also buy some plain ones and just tie the tulle around with some pretty flower spray as shown in the last picture. I know you can buy tiaras to put in as party favours, but I prefer to do something a little different and I couldn't think of anything better to do with all the excess tulle I had floating around, I still have heaps left. Lets hope next year we are still on pink and pretty and not back to Dinosaurs like last year (ha-ha), although that was heaps of fun I have to say, especially making the paper mache dinosaur eggs for pass the parcel.

Tulle Fairy Wands


These cute and easy to make tulle fairy wands take so little time to assemble and they have great impact. I found inspiration from this very lovely tutorial. I didn't follow it to the letter, as I am a bit rubbishy at following directions with these kinda things, (it's most probably that bossy part of me, ha!). I usually look at the pic and just get going, so mine most probably aren't as glam, but I thought they were cute and the kids love them.
So this is what you are going to need. Some wooden dowels, ribbon and a glue gun for the sticks and then loads of tulle, I bought three rolls of tulle from eBay for around £7 for the three (cheap as chips!). The good news is that I have loads left. I chose glitter gold, my fave, soft pink and ivory and mixed the three colours for the wands. I found the more glitter gold the better the impact. I then bought a variety of glittery, sequency and beady strings from our local fent shop and just wrapped these around the tulle so they could dangle down in a sparkly array of golds, purples and pinks, pretty pretty. 


I just did two bunches of around 4-6 layers of tulle per bunch and then tied the two bunches together, stick the dowel through, attach the sparkly and glittery bits and voila they're done. The size of the tulle is a very personal thing and I didn't measure, I just cut. I think it is quite nice to have some in different sizes, if you're doing more than one.

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did. I can promise you that the kids will LOVE them. All the girls were overjoyed to receive one of these as a party favour at Es's party on Saturday. You can see more about this on the Fairy Princess Party blogpost I hope to do in the next day or so.

Do let me know how you get on making these or if you have made these before, I would love to hear about it.

Warm wishes