Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Blissfull Wednesday.

I absolutely love my Wednesdays as I am child free for six hours (its so precious when its once a week). It gives me time to rest and time to creative. So the craft paper I ordered from Grafton Crafts arrived (yippee) and as a result I started the party hats. There are some very lovely paper in this collection and ideal for the job.


Whilst making these this morning I listened to BBC Radio 4 and today there was a really interesting review of a new book 'The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies?' by Jared Diamond. In the book Jared Diamond explores tribal peoples approach to childrearing and other human life occurrences and compares these to our Western cultures. Interestingly his findings consider the predominant absence of diabetes, obesity and hypertension amongst these tribes. A very interesting 15 minute review which you can  listen to BBC Radio 4.  A very well timed broadcast after my post from yesterday and as a result the book has firmly secured a place on my wish list.

With a gluten, diary and soy -free diet lasagna has lost its appeal in our house over the last couple of years. Making a bechamel sauce with rice milk and 'pure sunflower' just doesn't do the job, so today it was substituted with almond milk and 'pure sunflower' spread and it was delicious!! There is nothing lovelier than seeing the family quietly and contently sitting around the table scoffing a yummy tea.


  1. That looks good enough to eat! haha. I think I would just give up and make something for them and eat something and allowable for myself. But no, you persevere! Full marks girl!

  2. Well it certainly was very tasty. Offcourse as stubborn as ever, ha-ha! xxx