Monday, 25 March 2013

Alternative to the crochet turning chain

Happy snowy Monday. Having hibernated for the last three days, I was completely flabbergasted by the sight that embraced me this morning on the way to school. Where did all this snow come from?! People were digging there cars out, wow!

When I returned home I had to rescue some of my recent purchases from the garden centre, fortunately still in the containers. What was I thinking buying plants in March, right?! They look so desperately in need of warmth and love, I just hope they will survive this icy torture they have been subjected to. Hopefully some time in our little snug will re-energise and revive them.
The little cabbage plants we've grown from seed was supposed to be planted out in the middle of March, but there is no chance of that happening just yet. I suspect gardening books and calenders will soon require updating with our forever changing weather?!

I've enjoyed cosying up this very wintry spring. There is something strangely satisfying about being snowed in, it calls for a completely different perspective on life. Sadly life is kinda back to normal, schools are open and the usual routines have fallen swiftly back in place.
So as my crochet picnic blanket is slowly progressing it has become more and more apparent that my little niggle about the rather unsightly turning chain is growing in a similar vein.I was as pleased as punch when I discovered this alternative link to the turning chain today (yippee!). Its only 1.47minutes so definitely worth a watch if you're not already familiar with this crochet tip. I feel so excited about trying it tonight and look forward to seeing some semblane of symmetry amd no flicky-out end bits.


  1. Lots of snow! Look forward to seeing your blanket finished!! Stay cozy! xo Heather

    1. Hi Heather, yip its all rather crunchy here. I look forward to finishing it as my project list is forever growing. Thanks for stopping by Hannapatxxx (p.s. love your blog!)