Tuesday 2 September 2014

September Monthly Mandalong

 Helloooo. Well it seems that our lovely summer holiday has finally come to an end and the kids returned to school today with rather glum faces, and in truth mine wasn't a pretty picture either. I have so enjoyed having the kids at home, it truly was a blessing and even though there were moments where I felt the need to pull my hair out (well actually I would need more than a moment to achieve this), on the whole it was peaceful and fun. Both little J & E mostly played together harmoniously and have somehow rekindled their love for each other, something that usually gets lost during term time, I mean its not really cool having your small sis as your best friend.

When the kids were very little, well up to the point when they both went to school, so really not that long ago, we always found that they would prefer to play with each other when in the company of others kids. I use to really love this about my kids, this deep routed love that they somehow have anchored for each other, possibly during some difficult years where we were cooped inside whilst I was housebound, but like they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Even this morning when we set off for school there were hugs for each other (obviously NOT in the playground, oh heaven forbid!), but it melted my heart. To be honest I didn't need anything to melt my heart this morning, I was tearful from the moment I woke and when I had big cuddles with little J, he was very perplexed as to why Mummy had all these tears streaming down her face. Oh how do you ever explain the love you feel for your child. The love of a parent is something so special, it is a gift and one that should NEVER be taken for granted. I feel sick as I sit here and type this as the house is quiet and my babies are most probably very ready to come home, but what scares me most is the pace life is moving. In a few years I won't have these long cuddles with my son where I can plant a million kisses all over his face whilst he buries his head in the fold of my neck. No, I know, they will be replaced by silent grunts even when he has the urge to hug or kiss. Thankfully we can capture these moments and seal them at the bottom of our hearts and hopefully we can hold on to them till our very last days. One thing I have learnt from the last seven years is that every new phase bring new beautiful memories, so I know they don't end here.

So, to stop the flow of tears, I am swiftly moving on to something a little more cheerful, yes my Mandala. I must confess that I am now officially in the habit of leaving this to the last minute so I will endeavour to start this a little earlier next month.  This months mandala was the Daisy Centre Mandala Square by the very talented Zelina Olivier. I again used Drops Paris, as it simply is the best yarn for mandala's in my opinion, if you take away the weaving in ends bit. 

For some reason the cotton always splits when you try and weave in the ends, which is really the only thing I dislike about Drops Paris. It is a fairly simply pattern to work from and I wanted to have something a little different from my usual colour scheme, something a little 'warmer', yes a little more autumnal. Last winter I lost my heart on mustard and even throughout the summer I just couldn't get enough of this beautiful colour, in fact so much so that I had to invest in not one, but yes two mustard bags whilst on our jolly in Italy (but more on that another day). 

I must confess that there was a bit of pulling out towards the end as I tried desperately to finish this whilst trying to focus on the amazing routines on Tumble. Honestly I just LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this show!  Aren't those celebrities just doing the most fantastic job. So common spill the beans, does anyone else watch this and do you like it or love it? We initially recorded it for little E, who started doing gymnastics a term ago and absolutely loves it, but it seems this Mamma is enjoying a great deal more than little E. What I would do to do a little gymnastics, mind you I would seriously injure myself!!! So yes the problem with crocheting mandala's is that they do involve a bit of counting and concentrating at times, which can prove a little difficult when you can't take your eyes off the telly!

If I am honest I really thought that this Mandala would be a great deal smaller than it turned out, but actually I am delighted with the finished size as its inspired me to make something with it, but for now I will have to keep you guessing! Unfortunately I haven't blocked it yet, so none of these images do it justice as I always find blocking your work makes the world of difference. 

So for October, I have chosen something small (yes clearly I still have this urge to make a slightly smaller Mandala, so lets hope this is!) and again I have chosen a pattern by Zelina Olivier. I promise to move on to someone else at some point, but I really enjoy Zelina's designs and patterns and the problem is there are so many of them that I want to make! What I like about this pattern is that I think this pattern might make quite a few little presents for Christmas (oops, yes there I have said it!). So for anyone interested in joining in, you can either make a mandala of your choice, or you can find the pattern for the Granny Mini Mandala here. 

That's it for today my lovelies. A big and warm welcome to all my lovely new followers, I hope you enjoy your visits here and I look forward to getting to know you a little better. For now though I have to get the sprogs from school and I am going to leave you with a lovely memory of our last morning in bed before school started (yes not the most glamorous, but who cares about that!). 

Happy September and Happy Autumn & Spring!

Warm Wishes


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh - first day of school always makes me sad, even though mine are 26 and 28 now! Hope the day turned out ok for your beautiful little ones. LOVE the last photo - and the Mandalas are stunning! Happy Tuesday, friend! XOXO

  2. Your children are so beautiful. These moments are fleeting just as you said, but they get replaced with other moments. Yes, boys especially grow away from you a bit, but then they come right back to you with full force. My oldest son is 20, I can hug him and kiss his whole face right in front of his friends and swim team, he never even blinks, he is secure enough that outward affection from him Mom is not an issue. I love that about him, and frankly I think he loves it too.
    Hugs and happy new school year.

  3. It's a really beautiful photo. I know what you mean about holding on to it all. My littlest boy is still very affectionate, but I know it will pass. Right now, I concentrate on being here with him when he wants to be. Long may it last. CJ xx

  4. The picture of you three is so lovely! Your mandala is beautiful too. I hope that you have a wonderful September. xx

  5. I know what you mean, but I just try to savor what we have now and not worry about the changes down the road. My son has never been the huggy type, not even as a baby, but my daughter hugs enough for ten kids so it balances out. Mine are very loving toward each other too, and I've often attributed it to the fact that I had health problems after both babies, so when I had my second one and needed to recuperate, he was already there and it was the three of us at home all the time together and always in close contact. Also, he was still nursing when she was born and I nursed them together for over a year and I think that helped too. I love to see them interact because they really are very tender and protective of one another. I love the photo of the three of you, it's really beautiful. I love your mandala too. I hope you all have a great return to school this year.

  6. They grow so quickly don't they, the love we have for our children is so strong, spending time with my mum during her last few weeks made me realise how mum she loved me, something I will always be grateful for. Beautiful mandalas, I'm a mustard lover too! :) xxx

  7. The picture of you and your childrens is so lovely! Hope they had a great return to school!:::Silvia

  8. The time will fly by, as you so rightly put it, but you will always have this blog to look through and to smile at. My eldest is just at 6th form, but at the start of my blog he was back in Year 4, so I really can look back in time! Keep up the blogging!
    I'd love to mandalong; what do I have to do? I'm a newbie here, I'm afraid (and I haven't read all your back catalogue yet!)

  9. I adore your family photo, Hannapat! As for tears. Well I'll have to be talked down from the ledge next Monday when Pops starts school. Don't fret about cuddles from your boy though. Mine still give me hugs and kisses. Boys love their Mamas! The colours of your crochet are right up my alley.
    Pull them close when you tuck them in this evening.
    Leanne xx

  10. a lovely picture!....I do like the look of the mini mandalas, aren't they pretty. I haven't crocheted for ages, almost scared to start again! might try this. All the best with the start of term, X

  11. Hello! I'm a new follower having just found you via Ladybird Diaries. Today was first day back at school for us, but my younger son doesn't go back until next Wednesday when he will be starting in reception class, so I'm reserving my tears for then! Looking forward to perusing more of your blog :)

  12. Dear Hannapat,

    Lovely photo of you and your kids! I always miss the girls too when school and uni start. You found a lovely way to distract yourself. Your mandela looks great!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  13. Helllooooo Hannapat ... so good to see so many lovely photo's. I'm glad you were able to crochet your worries away -it works every time doesn't it ? My youngest ( well 20 year old ! ) is off to Uni in a couple of week and I really really don't know where those years have gone.
    Enjoy your weekend,Big hugs, Kate x

  14. Gorgeous post lovely lady. That mandala really is stunning. I love the photo of you and the kids, it's so natural and beautiful.
    Marianne x

  15. That last photo is so, so lovely, and your words are beautiful and full of meaning here too. I totally get how weird it is on that first day, it's a wrench, but it gets easier. I know I am enjoying a little extra time to myself in the days to get things done, and get back into school volunteering again, and I'm sure you are too. Take care lovely. xx

  16. Trust me you look very glamorous , very beautiful. I know exactly how you feel. about the children .My daughter is now 20 and has recently had her heart broken. I wanted to put her in my bed and soothe the pain away. She has other ideas and has booked a break away before year two at uni. All I want to do is kiss and cuddle her ,once upon a time that was all we needed. Kiss your little ones every single day .
    I didn't realise how much I miss nurturing them until this post. Im sending you hugs and kisses
    Your mandalas are beautiful

  17. Oh I love your Mandala's! The colours of Drops Paris are so SO scrumptious, but I can't help looking for other options as it's also SO splitty... Not just when darning in the ends. Do you have a similar experience? I've got some stash left from a hexagon cushion I did and I can't seem to get around to using it for anything else... all the poor lovely coloured yarn... Maybe it'll end up in a Mandala!

  18. Thanks again for buying and enjoying my Book, Granny Squares, love you interptation of the bath mat and stol cover...added a link to you from my blog so you might get a few visitors.
    Hugs x