Tuesday 24 June 2014

A new computer and a little update

Hello lovely people, oh I can't even remember when last I sat down to write a little post and to be honest I haven't a foggy as where to start. I still have so much news to catch up on, our trip to SA, little Es's party, general news and the monthly mandalong that I couldn't post thanks for our computer.

For months now our computer has been driving me doolally with taking ages to open, crashing all the time and not allowing me to do a blog post in under five hours. To be honest I stopped counting the number of times I wanted to throw the darn thing out of the window and jump on it, but I kept mindful and calm and carried on until we both finally blew a fuse and it just couldn't do NO MORE. So after a trip to the computer doctor, which half took some time we now are proud owners of a new computer that will hopefully make life a little easier, well she hopes! So without further ado, lets get on with the goss.

So yes, I know I am a month behind in my monthly mandalong and really I should be making that my first post, but I figured a month out wouldn't harm anyone and with so much other news to share, I would rather just get on with daily drivel. So in the last month I have enjoyed finishing a gorgeous little crochet project that I will share with you very soon, in the meantime here is a little sneak peak.

I also managed to do a little sewing. Now many of my regular readers will know that I am most certainly NOT a dressmaker, in fact I have only ever made a couple of dresses and two of those were for little E and two for myself. This time though I thoroughly enjoyed the process and I am hopeful that I will actually wear this dress, unlike the other two I made. I must confess that I find it hard to buy dress patterns that I actually like, but this sweet little pattern immediately caught my eye. It was a pretty straight forward sew, a zip in the back, some darts and some interfacing around the arms and neck. I also enjoyed adding a little trim around the neck, just to add that little something extra. I used some gorgeous traditional shweshwe fabric that Mum gave me as an early birthday pressie when we were over in SA for Easter. I absolutely LOVED working with it and I also love the texture against my skin. All in all I am pretty pleased with the outcome and it has put me right back in the sewing zone.

Last week I celebrated my birthday and I had such a lovely day in the company of good friends and loved ones. I enjoyed a lovely lunch with a girlie on my actual birthday, but then several others throughout the rest of the week. Isn't it great when birthdays go on forever?! I was also thoroughly spoilt and received some gorgeous gifts and quite a number of plants and bunches of flowers. Thank you also to the very lovely Joy who sent me a little something special all the way from Australia. We have become such lovely friends and I absolutely adore her and feel very blessed that our paths have crossed. Thank you Joy for sending through your gorgeous gifts and for making my day extra special.

So needless to say the girl had to make a birthday cake and even though I am still on my no sugar, no grains, no soy, no dairy lifestyle, we indulged in a very delicious Paleo chocolate cake that was beyond scrummy and yes there was a little exception for sugar on the day. For anyone interested you can find the recipe here

This weekend just passed we braved it and went camping for the first time in five years. In fact the last time we went camping was when little E was three months old and it was shortly after we returned that I fell ill. I have always loved camping and have wonderful memories of camping with my family when I was a child. I was a little apprehensive about how I would cope with the lack of sleep and if I am honest it most probably wasn't the best idea, but I loved it all the same and had such wonderful time. 

We drove to Anglesey, an area we have been dying to visit for so many years, and found a campsite two minutes walk from the beach, so perfect for me without my wheels. 

It couldn't have been more perfect. The weather was warm, well it didn't rain, we were virtually right on a gorgeous sandy beach (I have a thing about this!) and the campsite was clean with everything you need. 

We all loved it and even though the kids have been camping before (well E maybe won't remember), they just loved every minute. We made sandcastles, collected pebbles, did a little yoga every day, played football and swam in the sea. I think if anyone had to ask me what I would like to do before I die, it would be to have a swim in the sea, I love everything about it, the feeling of the saltwater on my skin, the cold sensations that swirl through my body and most of all I have to put my head under the water to get the complete sensory experience. The water was freezing, but for me that's all the better as it just fuels my veins with energy and life. I often wonder whether I was a fish in my previous life as I have always been a water baby, with a special love for the sea.

It was just sooooooo wonderful to be able to walk with my family and enjoy these little moments that I have been lying in bed dreaming about for so many years. Don't get me wrong they certainly exhausted me, but I did it and that for me is just such a massive achievement after years of struggling. 

Lligway Bay is just such a beautiful place and the beaches are truly stunning, I would highly recommend a visit here. 

I even got the opportunity to try out my birthday shoes and I have to say these shoes are just so very comfortable, thank you hubby!!

Well the weekend ended on a perfect note, a lovely cup of Teapigs chai at this very sweet little cafe on the beach after a wonderful swim. It certainly was a fabulous weekend and we are all looking forward to our next visit to Moelfre, Anglesey. 

Well that's it for today, I will be sharing a little crochet with you soon and in the meantime I will try and catch up with some of your news. Wishing you all a very lovely week filled with happy moments and lots of laughter!

Warm Wishes