Sunday, 17 March 2013

'but there are no flies on me!'

This afternoon whilst playing boardgames, I made the comment to Es (age 3) that 'there are clearly no flies on you'. A couple of minutes later, after she had had some time to digest it, she said in a rather upset tone, 'but Mummy there are no flies on me, are there?!' I laughed soo much it hurt.
I find so much pleasure from flicking through books about homes, and especially French homes.This one is from the local library. How inviting does that sun room and daybed look?!. I can't wait for some sun to finally arrive, it is well overdue. We woke to some more snow this morning and although I love it, it's time for some warmer weather now.

Don't you just love the witch hazel in the beautiful vibrant blue enamel jug. The scent of the witch hazel is just so invigorating and the added bonus is that it is pretty cheap when you can get your hands on some. There is just something about enamel jugs that make me feel nostalgic and for that reason I have an abundance of them in the house, but unfortunately not a blue one. I am still on the lookout.

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