Thursday, 27 February 2014

Finding my inner peace through a Mandala

 The last couple of days have been spent loving and nurturing a rather delicate body after half term. I have been yearning for some contact with the ground, some quiet time just to sit and listen to my breath, to gentle turn away the chattering monkeys and to find some harmony and balance again
I have given the computer a wide berth and really focused on my body and mind. I am nurturing it daily with delicious green smoothies, smoothie bowls and wonderful salads and fascinating books. I am connecting with all my chakras and are feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love for all the people in my world (that includes YOU!)

throughout this week I have had an enormous urge to crochet another Mandala and I simply reached for the same pattern that I spoke hooked here. It is a pattern from Simply Crochet (August 2013)
Then to quote what I wrote here:
'The word Mandala comes from the Sanskrit Mandala, which means 'circle', it also represents the universe. Some also believe that it is a symbol of the dreamers search for completeness in a dream. What I like about Mandala's is their visual appearance and how it has the power to absorb the mind and to stop all the chattering that is forever going on. It brings me to a state of awareness and consciousness, and I suppose there is a rather hypnotic feel to working these circles. In our busy lives it is so hard to find time to just be with the here and the now and to get rid of all the thoughts that is forever consuming our minds and actions and that is why I am such a great believer in the power of meditation as it gives us a platform to just be here and now but in a quiet place and space to address the underlying issues, happy or sad, that might never really be heard in our busy days. I have to add here that meditation doesn't just have to occur in these quiet places, but can be done anywhere and at any point in the day no matter where you are.
Another aspect that I really enjoyed when working these Mandala's was the knowledge that it represents giving everything to the universe, in order to receive teaching and or empowerment in return. Now although this goes far deeper than that in the spiritual sense of the word, I did feel quite empowered by ye old granny and most definitely found that I had regained respect for the teachings from this simple yet beautiful stitch.'

It seemed like the perfect crochet project for me this week and I have already started another. I am embracing the flow of love and compassion that I have felt throughout this week and I have loved this project

This afternoon we enjoyed the most glorious sunshine and the kids and myself stayed out in the garden till after 5, it certainly feels like there is a promise of Spring in the air.

Apologies if I haven't visited any blogs or replied to any emails, I will hopefully find the energy and urge to do it soon. I will be back soon with news on my first giveaway, very exciting. Joining in today with the lovely Chrissie and Marianne for their 'Blooming Crochet-A-Long'
Sending you all healing and happy love



  1. Absolutely stunning! so pretty and colours are perfect x

  2. Hi. sorry you are struggling at the moment, the mandala is beautiful. Meditation is so important, I try to do 20mins each day of mindfulness meditation and was pleased to see it was also on the information sheet I was given at the hospital recently. I'm struggling a bit to at the mo trying to implement new stricter pacing, sending positive energy your way sweetie. I left a ME award nomination on your last post earlier, you really are a inspiration
    Clare xx

  3. Fantastic post Hannapat - it really resonated with me as I have been looking into mindfulness meditation, and superfood nutrition myself lately. Just watched 'The Secret' documentary the other night. I found it to be very enlightening, informative and empowering. It too focuses on the Universe, positivity and thankfulness, and love for others because we are all one and the same.
    Love your Mandala! I need to make one now that you've detailed it's meaning. This will be my Mindful Crochet Project...(I love that!)
    Much love to you for sharing this. Have a happy, healthy and healing weekend XXX

  4. Lovely mandala, so beautifully done. It's a good idea to take some quiet time to look after yourself I think. I hope you're feeling stronger soon. CJ xx

  5. A lovely post and a good reminder to take the time to rebalance, ground and reflect.

  6. A wonderful, thoughtful, insightful post, thank you so, so very much for this! It's as if you were reading my mind...I'm gathering yarn today for a mandala, my crochet group asked to make some as a group lesson for next month's meeting. Now I will also share your wonderful words with them. One of the patterns is this very one you've made here, it is beautiful. I'm in such a state of busy-ness at the moment, it was good to read your words and slow down for a moment and think. I wish we could go on a retreat! Chrissie x

  7. Another beautiful meaningful post Dear Hannapat, thank you! You have done a beautiful job with the mandala and of course it goes so much deeper than yarn and crochet hook doesn't it - we're all agreed on that I think - the benefits gained from those precious quiet alone times when we can re-connect and re-build. I wish you lots of quiet times m'dear, keep tranquil and be well! Sending much love and warm healing light my dear friend, Joy xoxo

  8. I think your mandala is very beautiful and I am so pleased that you found time to stop and rebalance. Oh joy to the therapy of a hook and yarn! xox Take good care lovely xox

  9. I agree that your mandala is very pretty. It is a great idea that you are stopping and resting. I'm doing it too. Though probably still doing too much, I am trying ;-)

  10. It's good to hear from you, I was wondering how you were. This was a very enjoyable post; enjoy the sunshine and the smell of Spring this weekend. xxx

  11. The mandala is beautiful, as is your post so deep and meaningful. The great benefits from quiet alone time should never be underestimated. Take care.

  12. You just can't beat crochet therapy can you ?
    Take care of yourself,
    Kate x

  13. Dear Hannapat
    I hope that your quiet meditative time has helped you and that you are feeling better. Your mandala is beautiful.
    Best wishes

  14. I found half term difficult, did too much and am paying for it this week. Your words about mindfulness and self care really struck a chord with me, I hope you are feeling the benefits of taking care of yourself x

  15. Hannapat,
    Every time I read your lovely blog you encourage me to slow down. I have struggled to meditate in the past as I have always felt guilty, guilty that I ought to be doing sometime in the house instead on 'me' time . I have been giving myself a present of ten minutes to meditate every day . It was so difficult at first I felt so very self conscious, even though I am alone when I do this. However, I am finding it much easier.
    Thank you Hannapat.. I am sending positive thoughts and love to you

  16. It's a lovely mandala. I'm glad you're taking the time to care for yourself, it's very important.

  17. The mandala is lovely, such calming colours. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane x

  18. I love your mandala...the colors are so easy and peaceful. Sunshine and garden time and the promise of Spring. Love it. Have a peaceful week.

  19. Hello my Lovely Hannapat, so glad that you are paying attention to you for a change as you are always busy looking after everyone else. Hannapat your crochet is just stunning and I love it so much. I hope you have a restful and enjoyable weekend, sending you lots of loves and hugs. Please don't worry about replying to blogs, you need to concentrate on you Hannapat. All my love to you as always

  20. This is such a gorgeous post today. I love it and feel I really need to read it a few times because all I am doing is racing these days. I need to be still and breathe. I try to medicate a bit before I get out of bed each morning, I'd like to start my day relaxed and peaceful. It doesn't always work, but I try. Glad you had some nice, beautiful days.

  21. It's very pretty, it sounds like a nice few days. Stay with it! I like the pink stitch, Heather x

  22. Gorgeous mandala! I am definitely going to make one.

  23. Hey Hannapat,
    A lovely project. A place of centre and calm could be useful here at the moment. It's important to stop listen to your body and nurture and nourish it. So no need for blog apologies. Even without any major underlying health issues, I'm feeling the need for slowing the pace just a little. I'm ready for Spring to present itself at my back door, so I can welcome her in.
    I have been meaning to reply to your lovely email. Since Christmas I have been trying to curb my rather unhealthy and addictive food habits. Partly for reasons of health and partly because I want to help the emotional eater inside of me. It's a three steps forward, two steps back process but I think I'm am winning more than I am losing. I feel less bloated and more energised. I have lost some weight and my clothes are fitting better. My iron levels are increasing too, which I am very pleased about. I no longer feel so horribly drained and washed out all of the time. It's a struggle, but I am plodding on!
    Thank you for your lovely comments my blog. I'm always touched by your positive support and friendship.

    Leanne xx

  24. Hi lovely, such a calm and peaceful post and your crochet mandala is gorgeous. As you know, I have also been sending less time on the internet too and I am definitely noticing the benefits!
    Marianne x

  25. In the art of peace,there is no contest there is only inner contentment