Thursday 28 February 2013

Spring is peeping round the corner...

What a glorious day!! Its the last day of February and it certainly feels like Spring is teasing. I can see the daffodil bulbs firmly established as they rear their heads, I can smell that wonderful scent associated with Spring and I can feel the start of NEW BEGINNINGS!! I simply love this time of the year, the change over of seasons and the promise that they bring. Our need to 'spring clean' (pardon the pun) and to inject some new energy and life into the old. I adore the winter and some part of me always look forward to cozy fires, warm crochet blankies with polka dots and popcorn, but for now I feel invigorated by the buds, birds, scent and the promise of spring.

This is my little sewing space, where new things begin and mostly end (but not always I have to confess!).

For the last couple of days I have been working on making a birthday pressie for a friends daughter who will be turning 5 on Saturday. I found this really cute tutorial on Pinterest (oh I am so addicted!!), so I felt I just had to give it a whirl. Here is the link to Charla Anne's doll tutorial 

Cute it is, but I have to warn that it is very time consuming (probably because I cut arms, legs, dresses, heads, hair and galore for about 20 dolls, rather than the 7 that I used in the end). The result is very gorgeous  indeed and I hope that she will be thrilled. I now have to embark on making one for my daughter and although I still have some enthusiasm for the project, I am equally eager to move onto the next - oh the list is soo long!