Sunday, 10 March 2013

More snow, surely not!

I woke this morning to this beautiful, but high lying snow view from my bedroom window. I love winter and especially the snow, but it's almost the middle of March and we were all getting so excited with Spring peeping its little head around the corner. Whats happening? On the plus side, with the snow comes the guarantee of a cosy fire and some scrummy hot chocolate (+Koko Dairy Free Chocolate Milk). If you haven't tried it you should,  its yum and kids love it too!

I just love the effort that schools and preschools make for Mothers Day and my kids were so excited this morning to give me their cards. They spent the morning doing more drawings for me, so very sweet. What I love most is what they think makes you special, its all so simple, yet it makes every day of hell worthwhile (and gawd there are so many!). I also received the most gorgeous Dendrobium Orchid, it smells heavenly and its now another plant to add to my wonderful indoor garden. Thanks today has to go to a special hubby who took control and even cooked me a wonderful Morocan lamb meal (one of my fave's). It was fairly entertaining to watch from the side whilst crafting as he desperately rummaged through the spice rack trying to find the coriander and cumin seeds, not having the fogiest clue what either of these look like. When I made the comment that cumin seeds looked like fennel seeds I enjoyed a quiet inward giggle knowing that I wasnt being very helpful at all.

My wish for today was to have some time where I can get some stuff done without the usual demands of the kids (my list is forever growing and time is always scarce). We have a birthday party looming and I always get a bit carried away with these things. I just love kids parties and I normally use the opportunity to find some crafty things to do. So for this year we are having a Fairy Princess Party and oh boy am I in trouble!!! There is so much I want to make and so little time (especially with being a way for Easter hols too). Offcourse its pink and girly - oh how very lovely and exciting!! The only problem offcourse is that my crochet project is pretty much on hold for now (boo!) and I am already feeling the loss.

I feel somehow satisfied that I have almost finished the majority of the invites, but now await some more ribbon and a gold pen in order to complete the project. I promise to show and share when its finished. In the meantime here is a little glimpse.




  1. What a lovely Mothers Day you have all enjoyed, the cards are especially Spring like and pretty unlike our weather ha ha
    Hugs Lynn xx

  2. Lovely it certainly has been. Hope its been the same for you! xxx

  3. How come you have mother's day in March? I thought it was a month ahead of ours but now it is 2 months? I know that Andrew can cook up a storm so I'm sure the meal was delish. My mouth is watering again. And a very happy Mothers day for the 10th. You are a very special mom - the best! To do what you do for your children under your circumstances is really special and I applaud you. Love you lots!

    1. Hence the reason that I always forget yours!! xxxx