Monday, 11 March 2013

Snowy days and Chocolate Cake!!

Monday's are always kind funny days where I feel slightly out of kilter, but for comfort, especially with more snow and this freezing weather (brrrr) I decided it was time to bake! So, yes nothing quite hits the spot like chocolate cake, but this offcourse can be challenging when one can't eat dairy, gluten or soy. So today I tried another new recipe that I found on Pinterest (ooh I am such an addict). Speaking of which I must find out how to add Pinterest to my blog as I am not having any joy. If any of you can offer some advice here, that would be much appreciated.

Back to the cake, well this recipe was a doddle and very quick to throw together, which always helps when you've got children around and little time, and then there's also the need for a quick comfort fix (which I so often have). The added bonus is that it's delicious too. True to form, I did make some alterations, as  the frosting or ganache didn't appeal, so I ended up using some coconut cream and a half a bar of Green & Blacks 85% chocolate which I melted over some hot water on the stove. I would also add a little sugar as dark chocolate can be so bitter, so some Icing Sugar won't be out of place here. If you're not a fan of coconut, which I am, stick with the recipe! I used Doves Gluten Free Self raising flour as a substitute.

Here is the link to the blog where I got the recipe. Again, I am new to this blogging lark and I am never really sure whether the links show correctly, so please give some feedback/advice here plze.


Here is the end result and its definitely worth a go. Another alteration I would make is to reduce the amount of coffee to one tablespoon, rather than the two, but again this is personal preference. The kids really enjoyed it too, I am not sure what time they will be falling asleep (oh gawd help us!)


Clearly not going to last long!


  1. Ok at last! I wanted to say what a yummy looking cake. If I stare at it long enough with saliva dribbling down the side of my mouth, I might even be persuaded to get up and bake one. But no, sanity prevails and I just go on drooling. I can always use the excuse that it puts on too many kilo's. Haha.