Friday, 29 March 2013

Last minute Easter Tree

Happy Easter to you all!! Hope you're enjoying a hoppity Good Friday and that it has been filled with lots of Eastery things.

It was originally my intention to give the Easter decs a miss this year as we are about to go abroad, but having discover the lovely little vase during yesterday's thrifting I simply couldn't resist. Fortunately it took no time at all to throw together, thanks to these lovely little Easter templates I got off Amy's blog, nanaCompany. If you haven't already looked at her blog do so as it's beautifully inspiring, she is one very creative soul.

So, all I did was enlarge the templates to the desired size and then cut them out on to a variety of pretty craft paper and tied some ribbon on them, a twenty minute job if that.  I love all the pretty spring colours and it does feel really lovely to have something Eastery in the house.

Easter is not Easter without some lovely chocolate nests, easy and loved by all.

Josh and Es also made some little Easter treats for some of their besties. I got the idea here on Pinterest. Its just bog roll filled with yummy easter treats.
Our day was mostly spent packing suitcases and organising things for a trip abroad. We are all very excited. What are your plans for this Easter?
I very quickly threw together a little Kindle case for our trip today and I hope to share this with you before we go, but for now it's time to sign off.
Happy Easter

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