Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Dottie Angel's crochet inspiration

I recently came across the beautiful blanket crocheted by Dottie Angel, it's quirky and I just love it. Do check out her blog:

So this is it, my first crochet blanket is in the making as we speak and for once I am not tweaking or altering, except for colours here and there. No, I am copying, who wouldn't! So thanks Dottie Angel for the inspirational and beautiful 'ordinarily extraordinary' blanket. It oozes character and I can't wait to have it out for picnics over the summer, we will even have the doilies to hand, how good is that!

The one thing I can't master though is joining the squares as I go along, so I am doing them in rows of five squares and then joining them as rows. I spent ages trying to suss it, but no can do (arrghh!), very frustrating. Having done two rows, I feel the blanket will be too small for a picnic blanket, so I am now doing seven rows of five, don't ask me why seven as I don't know, but as usual I will just 'wing it' and hope for the best.

I love the element of surprise and that's exactly what my newly acquired Zebrina ('Wandering Jew'), did with its beautiful little flower. Completely unexpected and beautiful.


Wednesday's are my one day a week where I can rest and recuperate, where I have pretty much six hours without my kids. I love these days as I can have some me-time. Time to sew, crochet, read or do whatever I fancy. This morning I spent a very blissful 30 minutes in the pool and it finally feels like my body is gaining a bit more strength, which feels soo good after three years of being pretty much housebound, unable to exercise or walk. I could have happily stayed in the pool all day, but there was a mission offcourse, hooking!  When I got home I grabbed my crochet and plonked myself in front of the TALLEEY (as Es calls it). A very rare occurence during the day, but today I indulged in trying to catch up on Glee, ooh its my guilty little pleasure. It all felt so wrong to sit down and watch telly during the day, but boy did it feel good. So, I think it may now have to become a Wednesday ritual as I am so behind in Glee and offcourse I am clogging up the Sky box (it's a good excuse anyway).


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