Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fairy Princess Party Invitations



So I could finally finished the party invites and boy did I have fun getting the wax in the right place. The secret here, as I have learned, is to drip it very slowly as it will run everywhere. These were so easy to make. I used a cardboard box, which I cut to the desired size and quantity required. I then printed out the image I wanted to use for the front and then printed out the party info on scrapbook paper (pink & green) for the back. For the final touches I wrapped some gold glitter tulle, which I bought off eBay for £3 a roll) and finally some ribbon around the invite and tacky glued it on. Then I used pinking shears to cut out a leaf shape out of green card for the name and waxed it on and voila it was done! All-in-all very inexpensive and easy peasy to put together. The tulle might seem pricey, but I have used it for tiaras, fairy wands, invitations and I still have loads left.

Yip today Es insisted on doing ballet in Wellies and sunglasses, it made us all giggle, I don't think the teacher was too impressed though. Don't you just LOVE the specs?! She keeps telling me they are not specs Mum they are sunglasses (ha ha). This is her with her little friend after the class showing us their sweets (yum or maybe not right?!)

Yea, whilst Es was in her ballet class I actually got some time to do some crocheting and my snail pace soon-to-be picnic blanket is very very slowly growing - whoop whoop whoop!

Hope you have all had a fun day too ;-)

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