Monday, 22 April 2013

Cotton Printers Tray

Its been a pretty busy weekend here and I am quietly grateful for Monday. J at school and Es at preschool and then a friends house till later. I feel slightly fragile at the moment as I my body has crashed AGAIN. I seem to be stuck in this 'boom and bust' cycle, very familiar ground for people suffering from M.E. It is so hard to pace and go slowly when you suddenly feel that you have more energy, especially if you spend your days dreaming of things you want to do & make, yikes. To add insult to injury, I received my Adrenal profile results today and for the third year in a row, I am in the 'exhaustion stage', crumbs!!! Basically this stage refers to insufficient production of the adrenal hormone cortisol as a result of multiple years of persistent stressors with insufficient coping mechanisms. Patients usually present with fatigue, poor energy and immune system hypofunction (as in my case regular outbreaks of shingles). In a nutshell, my cortisol production in a day is around 14 nmol/L and it should optimally be between 21-44 nmol/L. Arrgggh!!!
OK, moan over and getting to the point of the blogpost today. I found this lovely printers tray a while back and I have been dreaming of things to do with it. There are so many things you can do with a printers tray, right??

It seemed the perfect little house for my cottons and I have to say, I am chuffed to bits with the result. I love the colours and how neatly it sits just above my little sewing table, super handy. No more digging around for cottons tucked in various little storage places or holes anymore. I did feel very tempted to paint it, as I paint most things, but this couldn't be any more perfect au naturel.

I finished the little embroidery project whilst watching the end of the 'The Girl with Dragon Tattoo' on Friday night. This was the Swedish film and it was far superior to the 'Daniel Craig' version I have to say, a zillion times better in fact! Have you seen either one of these? Which is your fave? I read the trilogy and I absolutely loved these books. We now have the rest of the Swedish films recorded and I am so excited to see them. Unfortunately the subtitles require near full attention, so not ideal for crocheting anything complicated. I could just about pull this off.

Once done it was ready for me to add layers of tulle and an underskirt for her big day on Saturday. I think its pretty obvious that its done in my usual 'wing-it' style, but as a first attempt at adding layers of tulle to a t-shirt, it will do.

Now, all I need her to do is wear it on Saturday, which might be more of a battle than the actual frock making as her style usually involves pj's during the day and gorgeous frocks for bedtime, the girls got style! She is such a little character and I can't believe that my baby is actually turning four this week (sniff sniff sniff). Fortunately I have been super organised for once and the majority of the party stuff is done (see I really do try and pace), but even so it's always a mini marathon on the day before and the actual day, so I hope that I can work in some good R&R in between these sprinting sessions.

Till later

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