Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Special day

Today, four years ago at 11.58am a beautiful baby girl, Esme Kathleen entered our world weighing 9lbs10oz. She was perfect in every single way. After a three day labour from hell, I was overjoyed to be able to hold her in my arms knowing she was well and safe.

These past four years have been a joy and delight. We have swam in the joy of love, the pleasure of laughter, the cries of joy and frustration, giggled till there was no more giggle left to giggle and embraced the beauty and gift of this wonderful new little being called Esme.

As a baby you were calm and content to be left in daze of peace
ones you discovered your limbs, you were eager to move and embrace your new world
the first steps were determined and purposefully meant, that hasn't changed one bit.
Lovely little words like nannies, mamma and dadda evolved,
together with a love for a slightly bigger baby brother whom you adore

Together you discovered the joy of Thomas the tank and his friends,
Peppa pig, Octonauts and Dinosaurs. The wonderful stories of Julia Donaldson,
the tales of Hairy Mclary, fairy tales from around the world,
Winnie the Witch, Fantastic Mr Fox, The girl with the magic finger,
just to name a few of so so many more.
You cemented a bond, one which I pray will last your whole life

You taught us to love, like we have never loved before,
strange how it may sound, the love for each child is so unique and different.
You gave us purpose, direction and focus
you inspire me to want to be a better Mamma everyday,
one who loves you unconditionally, one who creates opportunities for you
so you can develop this beautiful person you are and not the one others want you to be

You give us hope that the future will be bright and beautiful
and filled with many more moments like the ones we have shared over the last four years
I love your quirky character, your strong will (even though some days it can be hard).
Keep this drive and inner strength all the way through life
Live for the moment and be yourself despite what others want
Dream big and never stop dreaming
Wear pj's in the day if you wish, and beautiful frocks to bed, who cares.

I love you more than words can say and I am eternally grateful
to have been blessed with the most beautiful and perfect children in my life

Happy Birthday Esme may this new year in your life be filled with wonderful moments
to build beautiful memories that you can look back on with heartfelt glee.
You are truly very very special

So, here are just a very few of my favourite pics over the last four years.

1. A couple of weeks old

 2. Just love this expression

3. This percy top was both Joshua's and Es's fave, I don't know how many times it got washed, two kids later it was well and truly spent.

 4. My little street artist

5. Loves everything halloween

6. and chatting on the phone for hours

7. who doesn't love chocolate right?!

8. 'inja' turtles our fave for quite some time, even though she has never seen it. It was a hand me down dress-up and for some reason it got stuck on.

9. sharing fun moments with friends

10. Brother love

11. Having a cuddle with a very special Ouma

12.This is the sight that meets us most nights when we go and tuck Es in, I love it.

13. Pj's in the day with a bestie.

14. I love how she shuts her eyes, therefore thinking she isn't looking, so sweet.

I have a few more to add once I have trawled through the archives.


  1. What a beautiful record for a beautiful girl! This is the reason I blog! Xo

  2. Adorable adorable fave is falling asleep with the book....that so funny hilarious it!!....thanks too for all the lovely comments over at mine...xxxxx

  3. What a lovely post. if you email me your address I will post you a world book night book.

  4. So very sweet!! And, such cute photos capturing wonderful memories!! xo Heather