Friday, 26 April 2013

Cake mix in every nook and cranny

Thank you for your lovely comments about the previous post, Special day, I really appreciate it. It feels so wonderful to share these special moments with a new little community. I know how much time it takes to read and comment on blogs, so thank you for taking the time, I love reading your comments.

The countdown to the party has begun with a major bakeathon today. It consisted of flour less chocolate brownies from the Nigella express book, which I have adapted it to suit my free-from requirements and the verdict, thumbs up!! They are my all time favourite brownie and a must for any party. Now in my opinion kids always like the idea of cupcakes, but very rarely actually eat past the icing. I figured I would make these a bit more interesting this year, so they've been iced in pretty pastel colours and decorated as little flowers. Don't you just love these very sweet tulip cupcake casings?


Whilst being on a roll, I threw in the most wonderful chocolate cherry cupcakes, just for good measure (as you do when you're flapping). I figured it would be a little treat for the adults, ta dum. The recipe is from the very beautiful book 'Red Velvet Heartache' by Harry Eastwood, it's filled with beautiful images, of which I have shared a few below, but more importantly it is filled with some rather delicious and 'healthier' baking ideas. I love the use of vegetables with cake and since purchasing this book three years ago, I have really adapted the way I bake. If you haven't already got this book, buy it, it's a treasure and everyone I know loves the recipes I have made from this book. These chocolate cupcakes are filled with cherry conserve and baked with cherry brandy and finished off with a cherry brandy icing and a cherry on the top, it couldn't get more perfect.

Now the request for the actual birthday cake was a pink chocolate cake. It was exactly at this point today that everything went abysmally wrong (and I cried over spilt milk, parden the pun), Everything I could drop, I did, why does this always happen when you have no time to deal with it? If I don't see or pick up another piping bag for another couple of months, I will be overjoyed. I always forget just how messy the stuff can get, yuk. For me its generally music that gets me through most things and today's moral support was from Erasure, Basement Jax and the Bee Gees (I know) the mood improved and so did the groovy moves (heehee). It was great listening to Erasure again, its been a while.

With a few hours left before the hordes descend on us, I better get some shut eye after today's GBBO (Great Birthday Bake Off). I aim to have it all on a blog post for you at some point on Monday where you can see the final pic of the pink chocolate cake and all things pink and pretty. Before then it's party after party, yes thats right we have another birthday party to attend on Sunday, hip hip Hooray!!!!

Wishing you all a warm and wonderful weekend. What are your plans??

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  1. Wow thats a lot of baking ! Where did you find the flower cupcake cases ?, love those. Good luck with the party and I hope the birthday girl has a wonderful time x

  2. The cases are lovely aren't they and they actually bake well too (if you know what I mean). Found them on Amazon under Pink Tulip Cupcake Cases, enjoy! The party is over now, phew, and we all had a lovely thanks. xxx