Thursday, 30 January 2014

This week

I have been enjoying
 some time under my eidie reading

pink Himalayan rock salt you can read here about the benefits to our bodies

these pretties

picking up my knitting needles again for the first year in errm 28 years. I really wanted to teach myself how to knit again this year and even though I have only done a little bit, it's been fun.

finding Iced Zoo's in a UK supermarket after all these years, aren't they pretty?! I used to love these when I was a kid, especially slowly licking off the animals and then devouring the biscuit. Now the kids can have a little taste of South Africa and I can enjoy getting them out

of my new Orla Kiely jar that a friend gave me for Christmas.

writing a line a day with such a pretty pen, thank you Andrea

the repetitiveness and almost hypnotic state that comes from crocheting my Spring throw

splurging on some super foods in preparation for my new toy that should hopefully be here any day soon

preparing my quilt for quilting

some time with a poorly Es choosing the fabrics and
style for her bedroom quilt to be

finding a couple of treasures in the charity shop

and filling one of them with gorgeous smelling and tasting herbs

for the first time opening up my spring throw to appreciate my WIP

enjoying the view of the snow whilst quilting my first quilt.
Hope you have all enjoyed a creative week and I look forward to popping over to see what everyone else has been crocheting. Joining in today with Chrissie and Marianne for their Blooming Crochet-a-long.
Warm Wishes


  1. Hello Lovely what a fab post and Snow !!! still raining here. The Spring throw is looking gorgeous I love all the colours, Your week looks a bit like mine with bulbs, duvet time, reading a health kick, a few people at my local support group have tried the Tibetian salt, I hope your recovery plan is going well my dear. Have a lovely weekend Clare xx

  2. Hello, you have been busy this week. I'm very interested in the pink salt, as you know I love Epsom salts. How do you use these salts? The spring throw is looking super and I am happy to hear you are at the quilting stage of your patchwork. I have not worked on mine for months and months and just the thought of adding the binding fills me with dread. I bought some fab retro curtains the other week which go perfectly with the quilt I am making, and hope this will inspire me to get going again.

    I've had a cold this week, so I've been feeling blah and not doing much. I have spent time catching up on The great interior challenge and cannot believe I nearly missed it! Love love loving it... I don't know about you, but it makes me want to decorate around the house. It has also made me realise that interior design is very complex and not something I could do for others. Hope you get your new toy soon and I look forward to hearing about it. Enjoy the weekend xxx

  3. Oh what lovely lovelies. Such a profusion I could comment on each one and a snowy day and good excuse to do wonderful crafty creativeness.
    Shaking my head at the Himalayan Pink salt- I've been using this for about two years now but buy it because it is.....pretty!!! What an eejit! Thank you for pointing out about it as I can now feel morally superior by claiming to use it for its health benefits....and we'll just not mention the Barbie-ness element if that's ok!

  4. Love that top picture, it looks so very cosy. And I love your Spring throw, such lovely colours with such a muted background. What great charity shop finds, I'm very envious of the Monty Don book. I've got a copper trough like that in the cupboard, I keep meaning to get it out and polish it. I hope you're feeling well at the moment, CJ xx

  5. What a great post Hannapat - I love your blanket and coming-along-beautifully-quilt; all in such pretty colours and tiptop workmanship! I also love how your blanket has that 'different' look to it - well done lovely! Your found treasures are wonderful as are all the lovely items around you, and I'm happy to see you are busy with the knitting needles again - relaxing, yes?
    I do hope little Es is feeling better by now - she will be very excited and looking forward to her new quilt.
    Have lots of fun with your new toy when it arrives, and I hope you are not kept waiting toooooo long for I know the feeling of waiting and waiting for something that you wanted to arrive yesterday - like the day before you ordered it!!!
    Lots of love and warm hugs, Joy xoxo

  6. Hello lovely, sounds like a lovely week! I am loving your spring throw and thank you for linking up. Those little biscuits look so cute and colourful. Great charity shop finds too. Hope little Es is feeling better really soon.
    Marianne x

  7. Dear Hannapat
    Your Spring Throw is lookng beautiful! It sounds as though you have had a perfect week.I hope this loveliness continues into your weekend too.
    Best wishes

  8. Both your spring throw and quilt are looking lovely! I like the bowl that you found in the charity shop, it is great when you find a treasure isn't it! Hope that you have a good weekend. xx

  9. Snow??!! How beautiful! I adore your gorgeous quilt, as well as the crochet throw. You are one inspiring woman managing your illness along side with craft, creating & cooking. I'm going to be away at the beach for the next few weeks, but I most certainly owe you a catchup email when I return. Hoping the sun & ocean are good therapy for me. Much love & I hope you are in a better patch at the moment. Xx

  10. Oooh you've had snow !! Would love a bit of that instead of the rain. Your home looks so lovely and cosy Hannapat with all your beautiful things everywhere, and your Spring throw is just the tonic for these January days.
    Stay warm,
    Kate x

  11. Hello! You look to have been the right kind of busy! Interested to see what you do with the superfoods!

  12. ~ Hellooo, dear Hannapat,
    Your last 'snowy' picture is identical to my few out side today...
    LOVED all you have been up to this last week....Very interested in just what your about to cook or put together with those super foods too...Any thing about healthy nutritious foods rocks my boat..
    ~ Ooh those Chocolate brownies earlier post are an absolute must , and I don't bake, but I'm going to bake these...( Thank you for this) ~ I'm glad your week has been kinder to you and of course I wish your little ones to be better before to long...
    LOVE and love some more that spring quilt...Just beautiful!
    Sending you some hugs and twinkles
    Pop them in your tea pot and them brew.....into some thing special..
    Love Maria x

    1. Oops of course it should read, view...and not few...There's most certainly more than a 'few' snowy drops out side today...hehe!
      ~ Be well, lovely you! x

  13. Hello my friend! What a busy bee you've been this week! So wonderful to see all the beautiful things you've been making - of course it makes me wish all the more that you lived just down the road, we have so many similar WIPs, we could spend a morning quilting, a morning crocheting...even knitting! You've beat me to the needles, that's my goal for this year! And then we'd have a sing-song with the chamber choir, two bubbly sopranos...I must look for those yummy cookies, they are very pretty! I get so happy when I see anything American in the shops, so I know how you feel when you spot a taste of home! Take care of yourself, have fun with all your crafts, and keep us posted on your super machine! Lots of love, Chrissie xxx

  14. The spring throw is stunning and the colours are just beautiful...a perfect spring!

  15. What a beautiful throw. I can imagine how many stitches you had to cast on for that.
    Hugs x

  16. Lovely Hannapat there was so much in your blog as always, love all your makes and your quilting is looking stunning. Your knitting looks interesting, looking forward to seeing your finished project. Have a wonderful weekend Hannapat big hugs to you and your family. Big hugs

  17. What a lovely week you've been having. Your quilt and afghan are looking beautiful! Those cookies are so pretty, the colors are just wonderful. I hope you're feeling well this week. You're clearly enjoying yourself very much. :)

  18. Hello Hannapat, I enjoyed your blog post about this and that. It certainly sounds like you've been very busy. I'm really loving your new throw and I think it will look marvellous on your bed when finished. How surprised I was to see your large chest of drawers. Mine is exactly the same only wider. Have a great weekend.

  19. How do you manage to do it all! I just don't know! I've been VERY slowly crocheting a blanket and don't seem to be getting anywhere! I've not even been blogging much lately cos my brain is on a go slow and I never seem to be able to decide on what to write!! I'm blaming the very miserable weather we've been having. But my studio is beginning to take shape and I'm hoping to share that soon.

  20. iced zoos....I will not rest until I have tried one!....they look so spesh. is it ok that im really jealous of your crocheting abilities?...2014 is my year to learn!! xx

  21. Lovely post. Your blanket it's looking absolutely gorgeous.
    Have a nice weekend!!

    Lluisa x

  22. Loving this post, full of all your lovely things and happies. I am so pleased you have started to take up knitting again, did you learn at school? We lived in Benoni for about 2 years when I was in std 1 and 2 and had to knit a teddy bear and bed socks! Needless to say mine had loads of holes in them but I can say that it sparked a little fire in me which only returned a few years ago. Look forward to hearing all about your super healthy Vitamix makes xxxx

  23. Such a gorgeous post with so many happy things in!
    wishing you a beautiful new week
    love Jooles x x x

  24. So many good things here Hannapat! The quilt and throw are looking so lovely, and well done for taking up knitting again. I struggle with it and prefer crochet to be honest, but I want to improve. Those superfoods look good - they must be for your vitamix? I love the look of those iced biscuits, what fun for kids with the colours and animals. Have a great week. xx

  25. SO much here I love...starting with the comforter...I would be asleep with the book on the floor, unfortunately! Your quilt is going to be wonderful, and I'm glad you took up knitting again...since it's been 28 years, you might want to check out for free patterns! Hooray for Tuesday - XOXO

  26. Hey Hannapat,

    I don't know what's goingon with my feed, but your posts keep getting lost (and others I should add). Very frustrating. I love this post. It's full of doing and enjoying and planning. I seem to be spending a lot of my time day dreaming lately. I do find this time of year hard work on the productivity levels! Loving your bit of Orla. She is a genius. I dream of one of her butter dishes. And your charity shops finds are cool. Monty Don is a bit of a gardening fox! And I bow to your crafty talents. My friend Angela is going to teach me crochet strting next week. I am excited, but very nervous. I lack patience and want instant results.

    Have a great week,

    Leanne xx

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