Saturday, 18 January 2014

Nursery Rhyme Quilt

Today I wanted to share a really special quilt with you that Ma made for little Es for her cot. I love this gorgeous Nursery Rhyme quilt featuring so many of our favourite nursery rhymes.

Ma lovingly hand stitched the entire quilt from start to finish and the detail is simply beautiful.

It features everything from Jack and Jill to Old King Cole

Little Bo Peep, Old Mother Hubbard, Goldilocks

Hey diddle diddle, the three little pigs,

Tom Thumb

Humpty Dumpty

and Mary had a little lamb.

It is impossible for me to show the details that has gone into this quilt, but here is one of many examples, all hand embroidered.

I wish that I could stretch this beautiful quilt so it could grow with little Es, but seeing that we both love it, it is staying put on her bed for now.

Thank you again Ma for making such a beautiful quilt for little Es it brings a smile to our faces every day!!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far. We had a trip out to the cinema last night to go and The Railway Man, which has moved me to the core. It is one of the best war movies that I have ever seen and I thought the cast, especially Colin Firth, Jeremy Irvine and Nicole Kidman were truly outstanding. It was a brilliantly moving production from start to finish and I don't think I blinked until the last thirty minutes when I had to reach for my hankie and that was me lost for the remainder of the movie. I hope that in some way this movie can inspire people to drive nations to strive for a world with less greed and hatred that is perpetually fuelling violence all around the world. The damage continues long after the events and so does the hatred and pain. As a society we are all responsible to teach our children the values and benefits of peace and reconciliation, but for one we need to find forgiveness within for ourselves and others in order to move forward.
On a brighter note, wishing you all a lovely weekend and I will be back in the next couple of days with a  very yummy and yes incredibly healthy cake.
Till then
Warm wishes


  1. Oh Hannapat, your Ma is so very talented - that is one beautiful quilt, and obviously she has shared her talent with you!
    I haven't seen this film but will be watching out for it - and I just LOVE Colin Firth!!! I agree, the damage does continue long after - and works its way through the centuries even - what a sad situation!
    I hope your weekend is working out really well dear, and I will be emailing you very soon - t'was so good to hear from you but I have been rather busy and preoccupied these past few days!
    Much love and warm hugs to you and family,
    Joy xoxo

  2. What a very beautiful labour of love made by your mum, something so special for your daughter to treasure forever. I have kept the little knitted cardigans and dresses made by my mum for Alice when she was little. The Railway man sounds incredible, one I will need to watch too. Enjoy your cake and family time together xox Penny

  3. Absolutely beautiful Hannapat XX

  4. Healthy cake, is there such a thing? You have really spiked my interest.
    How wonderful the quilt is. Your Mum is one talented lady. One can see all the love that has gone into its making.
    Hugs x

  5. It's stunning such a wondeful thing to have, your mum is a talented lady
    Clare x

  6. Oh this is so beautiful... would you hang it on the wall when a new quilt is required or maybe cover a blanket box? It is an absolute gem of an heirloom xx

  7. Such a beautiful quilt, a lovely piece that will be special foreverr.
    Hugs to you.

  8. It's absolutely beautiful Hannapat! Well done to your mother.

    Railway man sounds like an interesting film. See if I can find the trailer...

    Happy Sunday!

    Madelief x

  9. Such a beautiful quilt, I am sure that it will be a lifelong treasured heirloom! How could it not be. I haven't seen the film, but it is good to know that it is good! xx

  10. What a completely beautiful quilt, your daughter will always treasure it I am sure. Glad you had a nice trip to the cinema and that you enjoyed the film so much, you've sold it to me! I hope you all have a lovely Sunday, CJ xx

  11. Absolutely stunning, so beautiful What an amazing gift for your daughter to treasure forever :) xx

  12. What an amazing quilt and real labour of love. I like the embroidered writing, really sweet. Enjoy the day, Heather x

  13. Lovely Hannapat what a piece of art because that is what it is. Your Mum is so talented and clever and your little one must be over the moon. I am sure that this will stay in your family for evermore. Thanks for the preview on the film which I am really wanting to see and now I have heard from you I definitely want to see it. Have a lovely Sunday Hannapat and keep warm and safe. Big hugs to you and all my love as always

  14. Hello sweetest Hannapat!
    Oh, what a beautiful and sweet quilt! Such a treasure! Love all the darling details and love that went into and what a talent your mom is! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! xo Heather

  15. The quilt is an absolutely amazing work of art! Hand stitching!? It will be treasured for generations, you know it will, and oh the stories the great grandchild will tell the great-great grandchild...I would love to hand stitch a quilt someday, but probably won't have the time until I'm a grandma! ;-) Hope you're having a good Monday, we have sunshine here! Cxxx

  16. The quilt is just beautiful, your mum is one talented Lady.
    We received a cinema voucher for Xmas from my Sister-in-Law (with additional baby-sitting voucher), so will go and see this sometime soon...thanks for the recommendation :-) XX

  17. Es's quilt is so pretty! Your mother is very talented. I made quilts for both of my children to use as babies. We don't use them now, they didn't hold up so well because I used my old sewing machine which stitched poorly. Unfortunately, they began to fall apart after awhile, but I've put them away for safekeeping and sentimentality. :)

  18. Little Es' quilt is so beautiful, such a lovely keepsake to have. Your Ma is very talented. The Railway Man sounds like an incredible film, one that I am keen to see too.
    Marianne xx

  19. What a beautiful quilt! Little E is quite the lucky girl. I have been reading to little Alexander a book of nursery rhymes about all of these lovely characters featured on the quilt!!