Monday, 20 January 2014

Raw Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake

 Good morning all you lovely people. I hope you all enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable weekend. For us it was a fairly slow one, but with quite a few things to do around the house. We still seem to be in the January clear-and-sort-out mode, which seems to be falling slowly in place. In between it all we have been enjoying some of this gorgeously delicious Raw Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake, by Ani Phyo.
Earlier this month, I treated myself to this lovely book by Ani Phyo, as I felt it fitted in perfectly with my new outlook on a journey to wellness. The book if filled with '85 Easy, Delectable Sweets and Treats' all without wheat, gluten, dairy or any processed sugar. Ani Phyo has divided the book into ten sections: Frozen Treats, Cakes and Tartlets, Chocolate and Fudge, Crisps and Cobblers, Puddings and Parfaits, Cookies, Fruit Simples, Sun-Baked Treats, Sauces and Kreams and Sparkling Desserts with Wine and Champagne.
Thus far I have only tried two of the recipes and they have both been very delicious. The first was 'Peacan Pie Cookies', which is very much like the Naked Bar's peacan pie, but definitely a bit yummier. This cake however is in a league of its own.

The cake is made up of processed dates, cocoa powder and walnuts, which to be honest baffled the socks off me as I just didn't understand how this crumbly mixture was going to hold its own once assembled and iced

and as it turns out I was right. The idea is that you divide the mixture between two sandwich tins and then set aside whilst you make the icing. Amazingly they held their shape once turned out, but started crumbling once I attempted the icing. So, I figured that I would pop it back in the food processor, add a few more dates and then packed them really tightly by pushing the mixture firmly into place (a bit like working with putty) and then I popped them in the freezer for a good few hours, which seem to do the trick.

To make the ganache, you simply process some dates, agave syrup, cocoa powder and some avocado and amazingly

you have THE most delicious ganache. This stuff is seriously yummy and the good news is that it is healthy too!

 Once the glitches were all ironed out it was really easy to assemble the cake. The recipe calls for adding a layer of raspberries in between the two cakes, but I was a little worried that it would make the cake soggy over the course of a few days. Having seen how the raspberries behave on top, I think I will give it a go next time as the raspberries really compliment the delicious flavours of this cake beautifully. For anyone interested in trying this recipe, you can find it here.

On Friday I had a little 'stitch and bitch' session at home with a friend as we were both desperate to finish some cushions that we had started long before Christmas. It was a really enjoyable morning and seeing that we are both on MyFitnessPal and avoiding sugar, this cake seemed like the perfect treat whilst stitching. I will say that we both thought the cake is much tastier than many other chocolate cakes, even the kids and hubby loved the cake (yes it is all gone!) and for us the thing that struck us the most was that there was no nasty post sugar cravings that you so often get when eating refined sugar and simple carbohydrates. I honestly never thought that I would put the words cake and healthy in the same sentence, but here it is loud and clear and to top it, it is actually really delicious.
The good news is that I finally finished this cushion I have been working on for a while. I have never spent this long on making a cushion and I must confess that working with velvet can be quite tricky and therefore calls for a great deal of hand stitching to get everything firmly in place before it starts dancing under the foot of your machine.

I am really pleased with the end result and love the use of doilies on cushions. I also love the colours of this fabric and I think it compliments this little space beautifully. I still have another one in the same fabric to make, but this time I will take my time and do it properly from start to finish to ensure that pesky un-picker is NOT required.

Before I go I would like to thank each and every one of you who left such supportive and loving comments on my post about my plans for this year. It is really wonderful to know that there is so much love and support out there. So far it has been hard going as it doesn't come natural for me just to be still, so it is a challenge, but then I have always been very fond of challenges, so I will keep that in mind when things get tough. As for the yoga, it seems to be aggravating the shingles in my body, so I am toning it right down to breathing and trying to find ways in which it will work in harmony with my body. For now it is all very much trial and error and it is definitely affecting my health, but the art lies in listening to my body and it is not going to happen overnight. This is going to be a long process, one that will take time to tune in and find the pathways that needs to gel together in order for my body to be in its optimal position whilst my mind follow hand in hand. It is all to easy for our minds just to lead the way without any regard for the needs of our bodies and for me this is most certainly my biggest challenge.
A big welcome to my new followers, I am so touched that you have decided to stop by and I hope that I will get to know you all a little better over the months ahead. I am also a little behind in catching up with many of your lovely blogs, but it will hopefully happen during this week.
Sending you all much love and wishes for a creative week ahead.
Warm Wishes


  1. Ooh that cake looks good, glad you found something yummy, as for the yoga, I think just the stretching and breathing part really helps slow the mind down. With my health being so bad for the last couple of year that all I've mostly done. I really hope it helps you, I have a couple of meditation CD's that really help a mindfulness one and a bodyscan if you want the details. Like you my brain has a tendancy to write cheque my body can't pay for pesky ME. I'm keeping my finger crossed and really hope this works for you. Lots of hugs
    Clare xxx

  2. Dear Hannapat
    That cake looks absolutely gorgeous - I can't believe that it is so healthy! Congratulations on finishing that cushion too. It is so satisfying to complete a project. I really hope your health improves and that this year will be a good one for you.
    Best wishes

  3. I rive just dribbled all over my iPad what a delicious cake! Keep at it, you're doing well, balance and harmony is what it's all about :) x

  4. The cake looks delicious!!! Your cushion is lovely too, I have never sewn with velvet before, but I imagine that it is not easy, so I think that you did a great job. It looks very pretty on your sofa and I like the combo of the velvet and lace. I hope that you get the shingles under control before they get too worked up. I am sure that you will keep working to find the right balance. Your perseverance is an example to us all not to give in or give up and to keep trying. After all, as our parents said to us when we were at school, all you can ask of someone is that they try hey. I am so proud of you!! xx

  5. Thanks for sharing this recipe Hannapat - I'm going to have a go at this.
    I'm trying to reduce the amount of sugar we eat here too, especially the nasty processed sugars like high fructose corn sugar. There is a great video on Youtube called 'Sugar: the bitter truth'. It's very informative, and the facts are quite alarming. If you want to stay fit and healthy, and learn how toxic these sugars can be to our bodies then I urge everyone to see it!
    'Food Inc' is also another great documentary about the food industry. I saw this one on Netfix, an absolute must see.
    Your sofa looks so pretty with all your cushions XX

  6. This cake looks so good. I haven't tried too many cake recipes with substitute ingredients in them and I've always been curious. I have made flourless chocolate cakes which were good, but some recipes are much better than others. That cookbook looks like a true must-have for your kitchen. Your cushion looks lovely. I'm glad you got to have some stitching time with a friend.

  7. Chocolate raspberry is my fave flavour combo - and you've made it good for me! ;-) I'm definitely going to give this a go, with your tips, so thank you so much! Sorry to hear about the yoga, baby steps are what's needed, it seems, so hang in there. The cushion is so pretty and looks right at home with the others! Cxxx

  8. Raspberry, chocolate I'm in sounds so good and what do you know I have the ingredients sitting in my cupboard. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm so glad you are listening to your body. For years I did but I let doctors convince me that it was unlikely to be anything thing serious, turned out I had rare cancer .Learning and listening to the rhythms of our bodies is so important by slowing down is how we get there.
    It is so strange how I have never met you, and yet I feel moved to tell you things I'd never really share with others. I have friends who years later still don't know I have had cancer. Your writing is so honest. I'm very glad to have found you. Apologises for being so gushy.

  9. My goodness you are tempting us all with those wonderful things to eat. I love a calm, lovely weekend.

  10. That cake looks so deliciously tempting Hannapat! Good job I dont live nearer or I may have volunteered to do a taste test! (what do you mean you didnt need a tester?! I'm sure you will have had plenty of volunteers for that).
    Had to smile when you mentionned sewing the velvet. My mum made seven red velvet bridesmaids dresses (including one for me) for my cousin's wedding in the early 70's. I can still remember her muttering and cursing trying to sew them all! Have a happy week XX

  11. Hey Hannapat,

    That cake really does look delicious. I've never heard the phrase 'stitch & bitch' before. It made me laugh out loud.

    Leanne xx

  12. Hi Lovely Hannapat your cake looks so delicious and I would just love a piece with my coffee right now, even though I am on my way to bed! Hannapat your cushions looks absolutely stunning, you are so talented my dear. Have a lovely day tomorrow and listen to your body Hannapat, big hugs to you my lovely friend.

  13. Hi Hannapat, I have out that book on my wish list. I'm trying to give up dairy and it would probably also be good to cut out gluten and the super addictive sugar! It's hard though. It would be nice to know how to make treats without all of these! Pecans are my healthy hot tip of the moment. I'm sure you can find your way slowly forwards. Just by listening and more listening. I like your doily pillow! Heather x

  14. Oh my that cake looks so delicious! It sounds like you had a really lovely morning stitching with your friend and your it is just gorgeous it really is. Looks perfect in it's place with the other cushions and blankets too.
    Marianne xx

  15. Love your makes and the cake looks divine. The cookbook sounds like one I should check out. Have a great week!

  16. The cake looks so yummy. Your cushions are awesome, I especially love the one with the doily.

  17. Your cake looks and sounds so delicious, Hannapat! I think the recipe sounds fascinating and would love to try it...with your tips in mind! Your cushions look lovely, well done on finishing! I hope you have a lovely week, take care.
    Helen xx