Friday, 21 February 2014

This week

I have been enjoying my new green smoothie-breakfast routine

I love starting my day with a boost of chlorophyll and alkaline loaded foods and my current fave is spinach, kale, celery and some variety of fruit (berries, pear or apple) and a little fresh ginger. Sadly I have been using my Kenwood blender as my Vitamix broke after just THREE uses (I know!). Fortunately a new one has arrived today and sometimes we just need to accept that not everything works perfectly first time round, fingers crossed we have better luck this time round.

The kids have been enjoying making their smoothies and all I need to do now is to figure out how to change the colour of spinach and kale (there goes the chorolphyll!) so it can be added to their smoothies, fat chance I reckon!
We have enjoyed lazy mornings in pj's, no time pressures, no routine and its been bliss. There's been an obsession of walking  around in Mum's heels and wanting to put make-up on whilst listening to ' Let it go' (can I blame Frozen here?!), I promise it has nothing to do with me in my usual attire of heals and a pinny (oh he can but dream on!).
I have been glaring at this pile of books in the kitchen that I need to sort through, but its been glaring back all week and I suspect the trend might continue a little longer. Do you have this book cluttering tendency around your kitchen? We have them scattered around all over, but somehow it all blends in, this pile however (a result of book overflow in other areas) is now blocking the door, so it really is time to sort it out. Maybe next week...
Oh yes spot that The Great British Sewing Bee book there, it's so exciting that it is back on our screens and I can't wait for it to start 'unravelling'.
There has been lots of drawing and making

reading and baking

and even a little more 'raw' experimenting

We had our first trip to the garden centre for this year and for once the owner roped the kids in to do some chores, whilst I could leisurely peruse the packets of seeds. How is it that the kids are so happy to do 'jobs' for other people yet all I need to do is mention the j-word to send them running in the opposite direction?!
I enjoyed an evening sorting through seeds and making plans. I'm a girl who likes a good plan and these sorts are the best!
We have enjoyed some glorious and sunny days, mornings mostly with rainy afternoons
but it was not all grey, this gorgeous original painting was my latest find at the charity shop, I must say I chuffed to bits!! 

and last but not least I have been enjoying these gorgeous Protea and fynbos all the way from SA courtesy of my special man!

I hope you have enjoyed your week/half term, sadly there has been no time for crafting, but that will all change next week when these little monsters return to school. There's a little DIY on the cards for the weekend, but more on that another time.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
Warm Wishes



  1. It's good to know we're not the only one's who've had a lot of pj days!! Love all your homely/family pics - especially of those scrummy looking smoothies. Have a great weekend XX

  2. Looks like you've all had a week of good things, smoothie arts and crafts, PJ's and new seeds for the garden perfect.
    Clare xx

  3. Lovely Hannapat, it must have been so disappointing when your brand new machine gave up on you but so good that a replacement has arrived so quickly! Your smoothies have certainly taken off but I cannot imagine for the life of me how you will get the kids to swallow 'that horrible green stuff', haha!!! Lots of happy homely activities going on at your place, and even a visit to gather some future colour for your garden - it all smells of spring to me and you must be busting to see it happen! AND beautiful blooms from you darling man too - what more can a girl ask for! Oh yes, crafting time - next week - I'm so looking forward to seeing a progress report on your new quilt. Have a wonderful week and take good care of yourself my dear friend,
    Loads of love coming your way, Joy xoxo

  4. Hello Lovely! Nice to catch up with you....I must say that quilt is just a little bit FABULOUS! Well done! How are you finding the sugar free diet, have you noticed lots of changes? :) x

  5. Glad that you have had an interesting and busy week. Hope that your new blender works well and lasts longer than the first one! Hope that you are having a good weekend. xx

  6. Hi Lovely
    Looks like a perfect week full of fun things made, found and to eat! Sorry to hear about your Vitamix, hope the next one fares better. Love your fynbos and Proteas, whenever I see Proteas I always feel quite patriotic and a little homesick too. So pleased that we can get them here, a friend of mine's brother in law has a farm in the Cape and he exports them worldwide.
    I hope you are having a relaxing weekend and oh I meant to mention how much I love your Rosie bear too xox Penny
    Ps. Did you watch the Reggie Yates BBC program on the white slums of SA this week? You can catchup on iplayer, really interesting x

  7. It looks like you're having a lovely week. I'm sorry to hear about the Vitamix, that must have been disappointing. I'm glad the smoothies have been good, I'm sure they are very healthy. I bought a few seed packs this week too, it's fun to be getting ready for a new growing season. I hope you're having a good weekend. :)

  8. Ag moeder man, jou kleintjies is te oulik! I love the pic of the little polished fingers reaching for the yummy cookie :-)
    Sounds like a lekker rustig week. Must say though, I think I'd pick the pink smoothie over the green one too! But they are a great way to get all that goodness that's in them into your system. Love the proteas too - am feeling very homesick for the Cape and missing "my mense" this week as my gorgeous goddaughter is on stage at the Artscape and I soooo want to be there.
    love & hugs xx

  9. Oh I love the lazy days of summer holidays. The raw food recipe looks interesting - we love the bars you posted previously. The day we finished the first batch I made a second batch. I think they are something we will always have in the fridge now, they're wonderful. And a good source of protein for my middle boy who tends not to eat much protein - he loves them. Glad you managed a good visit to the garden centre, it's nice to see all of your seeds set out.

  10. Boy that smoothie is - GREEN! I have been juicing for a while and found pear and spinach with a dash of lemon to be weirdly good. Love beetroot with orange and carrot - our current favourite and can almost feel the health seeping into my internal organs as I drink....
    Love to see a photo of your charity shop painting in situ!

  11. Dear Hannapat
    What a busy time for you all, but doing some lovely happy things. Baking, seed sorting etc are some of life's joys.
    Have a very happy weekend ( I ma sure that your smoothies will be doing you a lot of good - I hope they taste better than they look!)
    Best wishes

  12. Looks like a fabulous week was had by all! I have to admit, I'm with the kids on the smoothies, though I'm sure you're healthier for the green...Happy Sunday, Hannahpat - Tanya

  13. Hey Hannapat,
    What a wonderful week you have had. And can I just say that I am green with envy at your fab picture find. What a beauty! I'm not too sure about the green smoothie....but love the look of your childrens!
    Leanne xx

  14. What happy days! I love all your photos (even the green smoothie ones, I want to try one!). We have the same heeled diva singing Frozen songs at the top of her lungs, books are piled much the same in the kitchen (and the sitting room, and the bedroom...), all in all we seem to have had a similar lovely week! Cxxx

  15. Looks like you and the little munchkins have had a wonderful week of art and cooking. The painting you picked up is beautiful and so is your gorgeous countryside. I'm also drooling over what looks like "bliss balls". Yummo! Have a marvellous week ahead. xoxo

  16. Hello Hannapat, I've been having a lovely catch-up on your recent Posts, always nice to pop in here and see what you have been up to. A lot of delicious baking by the looks! Yummy :-) Love your little Rosie bear too. I haven't tried the Kale in a smoothie yet, I'm sure my body would thank me as it does look extremely healthy. Gorgeous flowers from SA - are you from there originally too? Love your charity find. Hope you have a lovely week ahead. Mel x

  17. Hello Hannapat, I have been having a bit of a catch up and reading right back to your valentines post. Why have I been missing them?? You have been creating some wonderful things. I always see those smoothies and think they must be so good for you but I can't imagine the taste. Jo x

  18. Dear Hannapat,

    Your week sounds absolutely lovely! The cookie your children made looks really good.

    What a healthy start of the day you have. Although the colour of your vitamin bomb does not really look attractive, I can imagine how delicious it must be. I tasted a glass recently in a cookery shop in Rotterdam and was pleasantly surprised.

    I enjoyed looking at the titles of your books. There are some familiar ones in the pile. Looking forward to the great British sewing bee as well. I enjoyed last years series!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  19. Hello Hannapat!

    It's good to see you have been enjoying such a nurturing week with your children! I love eating fruit for breakfast and have been toying with the idea of buying a juicer for a while now. The day is certainly off to a good start although my good intentions waver a little come 5pm!

    I LOVE your picture of seed packets. Such an exciting moment for you to think about your spring garden with the children.

    Happy days to come.


  20. Hello Darling Hannapat what a fabulous week, you certainly packed in a lot. I love the colours on your picture they are heavenly, where are you going to hang it? It is so lovely to think about planting and tending to the garden after the long wet winter we have had, sort of renews our energy levels and gets us ready for the longer days ahead. Your blog is always a joy to read Hannapat which is why I love visiting you. Have wonderful week, sending you lots of loves and hugs as always.

  21. Looks like a lovely week was had! Love the photos of the kids making and baking. We are exactly the same with piles of books cluttering up everywhere but especially in the kitchen! The painting you bought is absolutely stunning, what a wonderful find. Wishing you a great week.
    Marianne x

  22. Lovely picture find! I've spent a few mornings this week lazing a bit longer in my pj's and it felt indulgent and wonderful. I'm going to have to make a habit of this!

  23. I read this post while eating chocolate and now feel horribly unhealthy, although that said I'm 'eating it up' as the Mr and I are planning to use March as a detox month and I'll be joining you in eating smoothies :)

    Looks like you've had a lovely half term :)

  24. I love reading all about your smoothies and raw foods. Would you say you feel better for it? I've gotten into an awful toast, butter and marmalade habit for breakfast and think that it wouldn't do me any harm to start the day with something green! I'm glad you had a nice half term. I am thoroughly enjoying the GBSB this time round, there are some very talented people on this series! x

  25. Hello lovely I hope you are doing ok, so now to the offical bit. Congratulations, I have nominated your blog to receive an ME & CFS & FMS BLOGGER AWARD. Please visit to collect your Award”
    Clare x