Friday, 7 February 2014

Family Day Out

With pretty grim weather for weeks on end, the promise of a little sun was all we needed to kick start us for a rare family day out last Sunday. We packed a picnic and headed to the beautiful Styal Quarry Bank Mill.

We enjoyed a picnic as soon as we arrived and then set off with wheels and all to enjoy the Southern Woods Walk

The sun was shining and lots of folk had exactly the same idea

  I was appalled at the amount of litter, I mean c'mon! Do people really have no regard for their environment and the ecology???!!!!! To be honest this really infuriates me. Back in the day when I used to walk every day, I always use to collect litter wherever I went and I just wish people will start realising the damage they cause. This is no example for our children and the next generation! (sorry rant over).

It was such a beautiful day and I think we claimed the very best of it

The kids had fun exploring


climbing up steep banks and making friends along the way

I love the freedom that these kind of walks bring for kids, its a real chance to push the boundaries and see what your nerve is made of



 Half of the walk was perfect for the wheelchair, but we made the mistake to do the full circle and ran into a bit of trouble with the last section being too boggy for the wheelchair, which meant I had to do a fair bit of walking (well for me anyway). Unfortunately I have been paying for it all this week, but I must add that it was a little blessing in disguise too. It was wonderful walking hand in hand with my special girl, swinging our arms as we went and in fact it brought a tear to my eye. These are the little things I so yearn for and miss and despite the fact that it has knocked me for six this week, I am sure my angels wanted us to share a special moment and that is exactly what we did.
I am currently struggling to juggle my health with everything else it seems that this week called for some calm. I am not sure whether I honestly fulfilled this remit, but I have managed to abstained from the computer, so I apologise if I am a little behind in reading your lovely blogs. I will hopefully get around to reading some of the posts this weekend. I also have some other news to share with you, so hopefully I will be back soon.
Wishing you all a really enjoyable weekend.

Warm Wishes


  1. Glad you got out to enjoy the sunshine...the photos of the kids are wonderful. Happy weekend, Hannahpat - XOXO Tanya

  2. looks glorious hannapat.....nothing beats getting out n about in nature. and you got to stroll along with your little babe....nothing beats that!!. hope the sun is still shining. Al x

  3. So glad you manage to get out and about in the fresh air and countryside, pah to nasty payback I hope you feel a bit better soon sweetie, I know exactly what you mean, all we really want are the simple everyday things of life, and I know really appreciate them when the chance arises. Rest well, lovely.
    Clare xx

  4. Hi Hannapat
    It sounds like you had such a lovely time, and I so agree about allowing the little ones to take risks, with you not too far away. Many , many happy memories were made that day by the sounds of it. Not sure we'll see the same sort of sun this weekend !
    Enjoy your weekend and look after yourself,
    Kate x

  5. Dear Hannapat
    What a lovely walk. I totally agree about litter - what is the matter with people these days? I was brought up to take my litter home with me! (Rant over from me, too).
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Best wishes

  6. A fantastic adventure, I'm glad you had this lovely time with your family all together. I agree, the litter is disgusting. It makes me really cross too. I hope you have a good weekend, and that you are feeling stronger soon. CJ xx

  7. I am glad that you were able to get out and about for the day, but sorry that you have been suffering since. I hope that this passes very soon and that you can get out again before too long. You are right about the litter, it is such a shame that people do not take their own rubbish home and think that this behaviour is acceptable. I cannot imagine why anyone does this sort of thing. Anyway, my rant over!, I hope that you have a good weekend and are back to "normal" next week. xx

  8. Looks like you all had a lovely day out. My parents always taught us to dispose of our litter properly or bring it home and I have done the same with my children. It's such a shame how some people really don't care.

  9. What a lovely thing to do with your gorgeous family Hannapat, and such a beautiful area, but so sorry you are paying for your little bit of walk! Over here there are fines for littering and so for the majority of folks this works, but always there seem to be those with no respect or regard for the beautiful environment - and I find it quite disgusting!!! Rest up and get strong again lovely! Sending healing energies your way as well as lots of love, Joy xoxo

  10. Beautiful pics....but I'm sorry you're paying for the simple task of walking. I'm feeling a bit low because I've been feeling so ill for our first week of holidays. Every task feels like a struggle. Sending you my love and I hope you feel much stronger next week. Xx

  11. Hello, I enjoyed seeing your winter walk pictures. I am sorry to hear this week has been difficult health wise, I thought you were a bit quiet. Looking forward to hearing what your news is. Inspired by the interior design challenge we are painting the bedroom warm blue this weekend!! Take care xxx

  12. Rest well honey and I'm sure you'll be back on fighting form soon.

  13. Bless your heart, I am sorry the stroll took its toll on you, but you are right walking with that little hand in yours was a gift to you. I so, so appreciate your comment on my blog about the shingles, bless you for having this struggle all the time. I am do ind well but will listen to your wise advice and rest and be cautious even after I think they are gone. Now my advice to you is to rest, enjoy the giggles and snuggles of those little ones, listen to your body and do only what you need to.

    Sending you a healing hug and lots of positive thoughts,

  14. Thank you for taking me on your walk I too have had a bad week and have spent it at home, so thank you for the beautiful views.
    Oh I made those lovely bars they worked a treat .I only wish I took some photos but the Mr gobbled them up.
    I'm sending hugs

  15. great pictures! and looks like you guys had a great day! and ya I don't know how people can litter in the wild like that... do they not have any ethics!?

  16. How lovely that you were able to make the most of a rare sunshine day to get out in the fresh air and countryside with your family. The photos are great, its so good to see blue skies, trees, sunshine, and happy kids!
    Thanks for sharing, enjoy your weekend.
    Gill xx

  17. Your day sounds lovely! Hope you will be able to get some peace and quiet next week!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  18. Lovely photos, why would anyone want to live anywhere else?
    I get very cross about the careless disposal of litter. I take a bag out with me when walking the dogs and pick up as much as I can. I shall end up being call "A bag Lady";0)

  19. Hooray - I've found out how to leave comments over here! I've been getting email updates which give me the content but have no comment section - little did I realise I just had to click the title and it would magically transport me to the right place! Wonderful photos (apart from the litter - grrr) especially the one of your little girl framed by the tree branches. Hope you are feeling better this week x Jane

  20. Hello Lovely Hannapat sorry for the absence but as usual work dominates my life at present. I love Quarry Bank and went there last year, like you I was appalled by the litter and the lack of consideration some people have for our lovely planet. I am glad that you had a happy time with your little ones and hubby but you must also take time to rest now and have some calm. Have a lovely happy family Sunday Hannapat, always thinking of you and sending you all my love and hugs

  21. Dear Hannapat,

    Please take care of yourself! Your children look absolutely ADORABLE! Such sweeties!

    I remember being shocked whilst watching a scene in the first series of Mad Men - set in the late 1950s - when the family, after finishing their picnic, stood up to pack their hamper and shake out their picnic blanket ... and left ALL the litter lying in the grass! Nowadays, although too many people continue in this mindset, it is much more frowned upon than half a century ago.

    Warmest wishes,


  22. What a beautiful day out!! Love the tress and your kids are just as cute as can be! Wishing you a lovely week! xo Heather

  23. I had a similar experience lately. Took a nice long walk only to find an area by the creek where garbage had collected and tangled up in the branches. I hate that!