Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Sunny Monday to Snowy Tuesday

As most of you around the world will know the UK is getting a great deal of rain at the moment and for many people this is turning out to be quite devastating. My heart goes out to all those people so badly affected, and I hope and pray that the situation will improve very soon.

On Monday morning we had a gorgeous clearing and there was even a promise of sunshine, so I grabbed my gardening gloves and spent some quiet time in the garden. I always feel that a little time in the garden reenergises my soul and grounds my mind. It was lovely just to potter and to spend a little time pruning, weeding and just feeling excited by the promise of Spring that is slowly starting to peep through.

I felt utterly exhausted by the time I finished, but it was just so lovely to get a little bit of fresh air and enjoy the soil mud beneath my feet.
Sadly the glorious weather didn't last long and less than 24 hours later this was the view from the garden, what a contrast!
 After taking the kids to school yesterday morning I managed to do a little hand sewing whilst watching flurries of snow fall to the earth, but it wasn't long before I was firmly wrapped up in bed nursing my cold. It seems that the kids lurgy has finally decided to jump, feet and all, my way, blugh!!

It looks like it might be a slow week with as little activity possible

but there is always time to appreciate the pretty things around us and thankfully these pretty ladies dancing is cheering me up no end.

Thank you to everyone for your kind and loving comments about my first quilt, you are all amazing!!
Wishing you all a lovely Wednesday wherever you are.
Warm Wishes



  1. Oh poor you - colds are the pits ! Stay warm, keep making lovely things and enjoy a bit of special quiet time.
    Kate x

  2. I love the contrast pictures with the snow in the garden. I like looking at snowy pictures , so soothing, so very ethereal. My type of weather, perfect weather for crocheting.
    Gosh, I've just finished reading your quilting post. You have done a magnificent job .It is stunning. Is there anything you cant do??? My machines died , my daughter has a textile degree and killed my machine sewing unusual materials, newspaper , in foil, plastic bags for her final assignment. It died honourable my daughter got a 1st
    .Seeing your quilt is really making me want to buy a machine but unlike you with your wonderful work space I don't have an room for it, boo hoo..
    Get well soon. Drink lots of honey, lemon and ginger tea.

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Stay warm and dry!

  4. I loved seeing your sunny garden and then the contrasting snowy one! So sorry you have caught a horrible cold, Hannapat! I hope you feel better very soon. I am just catching up and have just spied your new quilt in the last's beautiful, well done! Take care, and keep cosy.
    Helen xox

  5. Oh no poor you - but it sounds like having a slow week will be the best medicine. I've just driven home in this blooming great storm - high winds and heavy rain everywhere - only to make a cup of coffee and sit down and watch the sun come out! I'm sure it won't last long but it's amazing how different things can look in a short space of time - just like your photos! Take care and keep warm x Jane

  6. Sorry to hear you are unwell now, but how lovely for you to have had a day in the garden! Those first odd days of the year spent tidying up and finding little signs of the good things to come are wonderful days, and with a little winter sunshine are so uplifting. I havent had a chance to do this yet this year, as the garden is still so sodden and the odd bright hour or two am usually otherwise engaged.
    So I enjoyed reading about your lovely day int he garden - it all looks so neat!
    Hope the snow and your cold go quickly - keep warm!
    Gill xx

  7. FEEL BETTER SOON!!!! Keep those feet warm, my friend.

  8. I do hope you feel better soon and I'm glad you were able to get out and do some gardening before the snow came! Beautiful daffodils and what lovely views you have from your garden.

  9. Hannapat, take care of yourself! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  10. Staying in bed and crafting sounds like just the therapy you need. Take care.

  11. Hey Hannapat,

    So sorry that you are feeling poorly. We arely get snow in St Ives. And when we do it never stays long. I've just showed your picture to Alfie, who wandered off muttering about how unfair it all was. We are having LOTS of rain. I haven't been out in the garden for a couple of days, but we have plans to clear up the front garden this weekend. Weather permitting of course...

    Take it easy. Snuggle down and rest.

    Leanne xx

  12. What a lovely garden, with such a stunning backdrop. It really is wonderful. Glad you managed to get out and do some outside things. I need to as well, but what with the weather... Sorry you've got a cold. Make sure you take it easy, I do hope you recover from it very soon.

  13. Lovely Hannapat, get well soon and in the meantime just rest up and be warm and cosy! Your garden is so neat and tidy and what a lovely outlook you have with the rolling green hills of home!!! You seem to have quite a big area there?
    I'm so glad you managed to get out in the sunshine and potter in nature - and then came the snow! But you have your beautiful 'host of golden daffodils' indoors to bring you sunshine and cheer! Take care and take it as easy as you can, sending much love, Joy xoxo

  14. Sweetheart do take care of yourself, the photographs of the snow look glorious to look at and snow is such great fun for the children but for the rest of us it can be difficult. Like you my heart goes out to the suffering people are going through all through our wonderful country, let's hope and pray that things will improve for all of them. Meanwhile lovely Hannapat you look after you and get well very soon. Sending you lots of hugs and loves

  15. I hope that you feel better soon!! Indeed, stay indoors, keep warm and dry and cherish yourself a little! The snow looks very cold, not my idea of fun at all!! xx

  16. If the weather is that snowy the best place for you is in bed resting.
    Hope you feel better soon,

  17. Sorry you have not been feeling well, hope you feel better soon. Glad you were able to get into the garden before the snow came though....and so much snow! Your photos are lovely. We have still not has any snow this winter at all.
    Marianne x

  18. Nice post, love all your photos.
    Have a nice time!!

    Lluisa x

  19. Dear Hannapat,

    Happy to hear you spent a few hours in the garden before the snow fell. I managed to do some work as well yesterday. I even sat with my face in the sun for a few minutes. Sheer bliss :-)

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  20. I love getting my hands into soil and despite only having a courtyard I do still try to grow as much as I can in pots, that's if the bunny doesn't get to them first! She is a serial plant muncher! All we have had is mad crazy wind and rain, not a hunt f snow and yes I too have ended up with the deeded cold feeling rather sorry for myself , I hate feeling unwell.

    Thank goodness for our daffodil happiness in this grey weather, I love spotting all the little flowers that are starting to open their weary heads in the hope of Spring x take care lovely and don't be tempted to over do things xox

  21. I'm sorry you're not well - I hope you get over this cold soon. At least you were able to get out into the garden before you caught the germs and before the snow came as well. Great snowy photos! We've had a few flurries here but nothing has settled. And I hope you were all ok in that wind last night, I heard the North West had it worst. x

  22. I hope you're starting to feel better now Hannapat <3 I love the snowy photos, very pretty xx

  23. Dear Hannapat...
    ~ I'm also sorry to hear you've been unwell....
    But also glad you had a day at least to putter and potter..This lifts the spirits...
    The scenes on your pictures later in the week, look picturesque, but alas I know only to well how inconveniencing the cold white stuff can be...brrrrrr...
    I'm smiling at your 'dancing little Narcissus' I have them all around me here in the kitchen...Their a little bit of 'spring's' promise of what is to follow hope fully.....
    Keep safe and cosy, my friend....
    Thank you for kind words as always on mine, they mean a lot...
    Hugs Maria x

  24. Dear Hannapat,
    Love the snowy pictures and hope you feel any better now !
    Have a lovely and warm weekend, Anita xo