Sunday, 6 October 2013

Stitching Sunday Week 5

The weekend has whizzed by and it's Sunday again, so joining in with the lovely Chrissie for her 'Stitching Sunday'.

I so enjoyed stitching this sweet little flower fairy, he is gentle and painfully shy, but he has an inner strength that comes to life when he is exploring. He came to life with the help of stem stitch, back stitch, the encroaching stem stitch, a little long and short and a few stab stitches here and there. I have enjoyed doing a little ribbon embroidery with him too and I am looking forward to stitching him into his final place, which I will share with you all fairly soon.

We are loving this Indian summer that we have been gifted and this weekend blessed us with more beautiful sunshine and lovely temperatures. We indulged and enjoyed, spent time with friends and enjoyed good and hearty food. Here are a few of my favourite bits of our weekend.

Driving over the top where we live to visit friends and just taking a moment to appreciate the beauty.

Savouring every taste of the delicious pumpkin pie, which I wrote about here.

Finally getting around to making our Christmas pudding, something that is becoming a wonderful family tradition. It is something we have done since the kids were little and even though it is normally done around August, we all get a little flutter in our bellies at the thought of the reindeer bells jingling in our garden. Everyone gets stuck in, but the best bit is that we all get to make a wish whilst we stir (thank you Delia for this very lovely idea).

Enjoying this bargain and buying two books for a tenner at Smiths. I can't wait to start trying some of these recipes.

My first attempt at gluten and dairy free puff pastry to make this tasty Steak and Ale pie. The pastry didn't quite puff, but it was super yummy, so I will persevere.

Photos of the kids out on their walk with the doh, who usually forgets his phone, so it was a real treat to see them out and about. They had a long walk up to the top of White Nancy, and little Es in her usual attire, pj's and fluffies.

Lastly finishing Mr Robin into a sweet little lavender heart.
I hope you have had a good weekend and managed to relax a little. I am looking forward to seeing what you have all been stitching, so off to go and have a little look.
Hope you all have a wonderful week.
Warm Wishes


  1. Lovely little fairy! Yes hasn't it been the best weekend, looks like you've all had lots of fun, good food, good company, good weather....perfect! :) x

  2. Your stitching makes me smile! The little robin heart - oh soooo sweet! - and I ADORE the little fairy! The ribbon hat is just lovely, what a nice array of stitches you've used! Looks like you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend! Chrissie x

  3. Looks like you had a lovely weekend, your little robin heart is so lovely and wow the fairy's looking really great the ribbon hat is perfect. Have a great week.
    Clare xx

  4. Dear Hannapat
    The little fairy looks lovely - I'm looking forward to seeing where he goes next and the robin looks perfect on the heart. Congratulations on them both!
    Best wishes

  5. Your little fairy is so cute Hannapat and I did enjoy your write-up on him! The ribbon is a lovely addition and I think finishes him off beautifully. Mr Robin makes a lovely heart and that pumpkin pie is the cause of much mouth-watering here right now - again! On the subject of GF pastry - it's reputed to be the most difficult (bakery) item to get right, so you're doing very well. I haven't turned out any that I love - yet - so have been avoiding it altogether! Lovely to see the littlies off for a ramble with their Dad - that's just so sweet!
    Have a happy week lovely,
    Warm hug, Joy xoxo

  6. Lovely little fairy and I like the sweet robin too. Weather looks divine there. We had a wonderful weekend too though I had a lot to do inside this weekend. Your gluten free oie crust looks very yummy.

  7. Your little fairy is so sweet. Nice idea to incorporate the ribbon embroidery....that has got me thinking now.....hmmm maybe I can add some in the quilt. You have had such a productive weekend! Your baking looks just delicious. Have a good week...

  8. Hi lovely Hannapat - just been to see Joy's blog and now yours - I do envy your stitching and wish I could improve mine. Whenever I do a little I always find it so relaxing and enjoyable so should set aside time to do more. Your pie looks scumptious and your pumpkin pie mouth watering - wow! Can't believe that it is time for Christmas pud - this mild weather is confusing me. Have a wonderful week Hannapat and thanks for a fabulous post - love Mr Robin - my favourite little bird.
    Lots of love and big hugs

  9. The stitching is gorgeous. Lots of family love in your photos. Jo x

  10. Your fairy is so pretty. Your stitching is always beautiful. I love all the baking, glad you're able to find good GF recipes you enjoy. The kids look so cute and happy on their walk.

  11. I just LOVE what you've done with this fairy's cap! Very well done! Your embroidery is improving by leaps and bounds! And your baking is really great! Makes me want to start hauling out recipe books because my mouth is watering so! The kiddies always look so happy and busy with all sorts of things. Love you!

  12. yummy pumpkin pie, Your embroidery is wonderful, such a pretty fairy

  13. A lovely post, your stitching is so pretty, and I really love the robin heart! Yesterday we went visiting and I saw White Nancy (from a distance) for the first time ever so what a surprise to see this picture on your blog!! A lovely place!
    Wishing you lots of happy autumn days, Hannapat.
    Helen x

  14. Your embroidery is just beautiful, so delicate and fine. I like the look of your new cook books, they look really interesting. Hope you have a really lovely week!
    Marianne x

  15. Hi Hannapat! Oh, how beautiful is your fairy stitching!! So sweet! And, I just love Mr. Robin lavender heart! Your new cookbooks look fun and looking forward to the yummy things you make! Your kids are just the sweetest and looks like you are having gorgeous weather! Have a wonderful and crafty week dear one! xo Heather

  16. Hi, the robin looks perfectly at home and love the ribbon hat, what a great idea. You are organised, I've not even thought about Christmas yet.
    S xx

  17. What a sweet flower fairy. Love his personality.

  18. So many good things here, as usual! Love that fairy, he has such a little personality about him. Well done you for making your christmas puds. I always buy mine but I do make a Christmas cake each year, sometimes two or three if I'm giving them as gifts. x