Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Crochet Scarves & a pattern

I love this time of year, it feels very homey. Maybe it is all the harvesting, jam and preserve making, but also preparing the house for the colder months ahead. One of the tasks this year involved making a new scarf for little Es, after the doh (darling other half) threw her newly crocheted scarf in Debbie Bliss Cashemerino Aran in the wash last winter. In order to avoid history repeating itself, I chose Stylecraft Special, just in case the pesky man looses his senses again ;-). For the pattern, I used Catherine Hirst's  Granny Square Crochet, which I have mentioned here. This is the fourth item I have made from this book, and I love them all.

Now as most of you will know, if you do one thing for one child the other soon starts nagging, so the second scarf was set in motion as soon as the first was finished and again I chose Stylecraft Special, simply because it won't have the 'itch' factor and also it CAN be WASHED! (I know you are reading this ;-)).

I love these colours, they are very autumnal and look so inviting. Once I showed him the colours, he was completely in love with it and he lay it out for me in the order he wanted it (this boy has style) and I think the end result is rather lovely. I didn't follow a pattern for this, I just wanted a simply block scarf, with some blocks being slightly bigger than others. So if you are interested in making this scarf, here is a very brief pattern.


Chain 30
Do 15 rows of treble crochet (or double if you are in the US).
Remember to do your 3 chain- turning chain or use the alternative to the churning chain that I blogged about here, which gives the link on how to do it.
At the end introduce a new colour and then do 12 rows of trebles (UK) or double (US).

Continue alternating between 15 rows of trebles and 12 rows of trebles until your scarf is the desired length. I did 11 blocks in total and made the darker colours more dominant by doing 15 rows of blue and green and 12 of brown and cream.

I didn't want a border on this scarf, but that's a matter of taste and preference. If I did this for myself or a woman I most probably would add a border (not that I want to genderise here), but I love the rustic look of it for a man, or little man shall I say.

Over and above this I also made a crocheted cowl from the same Granny Square book. For this I used Debbie Bliss Winter Garden, which is a very chunky wool and works up really quickly. It is something you can make in an evening. You only need one skein of this yarn to do this pattern and you will have a little left for another small project.

To the right of the picture is this months Treacle market purchase, and Edwardian keeper shelves. I promise to do a Treacle market post soon, but before then I will be back for my 'Friday Bake' and promise to have a button ready for the grab on Friday if any of you fancy joining in. If you haven't read this post about the 'Friday Bake', you can read more here or tune in on Friday this week.

Thank you very much for all your lovely comments on my Stitching Sunday, you certainly know how to make a gal feel happy! Wishing you all a very happy October. 

Warm Wishes


  1. Hi Hannapat thank you for a wonderful post as always - love the scarves - I started a crochet one for one of my little sweeties last year at the end of the season and haven't finished it yet (naughty!) and have another one to do for her gorgeous little sister so your post has prompted my memory. Can't wait to the Treacle Fair finds although I am more than a little envious as I could have been there too - hopefully next time when we can catch a coffee and chat together. Looking forward to the baking, not sure how to find the button. Have a lovely day Hannapat dear and catch up soon. I had a question for you - what is your most favourite colour? There is a reason for asking I promise.
    Lots of love

    1. Hello lovely Dorothy. Yes I am sure we will most definitely enjoy many a cups at the Treacle very soon and can't wait to meet you in person! I completely get the fact that you haven't finished the scarf, it does take time. Hopefully you will find some to finish it soon. Eek favourite colour is a really tricky one for me. It really depends. So I will give you a few, grey, old pink and blue. I hope that helps. Now you have me thinking!! Hope you are having a better week?? Much love and thanks for your comment as always xoxo

  2. All of your scarves came out beautifully. I am sure the kids will love theirs and yours will be lovely on you. :)

  3. I love all of the winter warmers! I'm going to check out that book, it looks like a winner! And I love love your boy's scarf, very on-trend with his colour scheme, isn't he? Chrissie x PS I am really looking forward to Friday baking!

  4. Very nice....I'm really wanting to crochet myself a scarf, just seeking out the right pattern! :) x

  5. Beautiful scarfs and the cowl is just gorgeous.
    Clare x

  6. the colours in both of your scarves are gorgeous for this time of the year. i love the new look of your blog. normally i look up on my phone and the layout doesnt show up there. the header is beautiful and i love how you have added the music. i really think that music says a lot of who we are and it's lovely seeing this part of you.
    Rosie xx

  7. Hello Hannapat! What lovelies you've been making - I adore the colours you've chosen for little Es's scarf, and also your young man's choice for his - and such lovely neat edges you've managed Hannapat - well done! (Love your pretty sewing threads in the background there too, a very sweet display). And of course your cowl is also beautifully done - and so quickly! I have been waiting for a parcel delivery from UK for a month now, which is way too long, and that lovely book (after your recommendation) is part of the contents, so I'm even more desperate to get my hands on it NOW!
    I was going to say 'tut tut' to your doh, but think he may have already learned a hard lesson about what gets chucked in the washer - surely?!!!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend planned lovely - do enjoy it - it's almost here - you have my permission to start it early!
    Love and warm hugs,
    Joy xoxo

  8. Hi Hannapat,

    Your crochet scarves are gorgeous my friend! I especially love the mauve and pink one with the frilly edges. You are just so talented! Thank you for stopping to take a peek at my french mannequin card. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  9. Hi Hannapat,
    thank you for your lovely supportive comments on my Frocktober efforts. I really appreciate them - it's nice to have a cheer squad. I thought I was following you on bloglovin, but obviously I wasn't because I haven't been getting any of your posts. Drats! I will rectify this now. Your crochet is beautiful, unfortunately it all looks like double Dutch to me!