Saturday, 13 April 2013


The day we have been waiting for finally came and so did

A year ago we knocked through a wall to integrate our dining room into our kitchen and we absolutely love our new space, it's great. Part of the reconfiguration involved loosing the majority of our cupboards, which to be honest I was really happy to do as I am more of a freestanding furniture kinda gal. My all time favourite kitchens generally consists of an eclectic mix of freestanding furniture. I love the character they bring.

I have always purchased second hand furniture and enjoyed the process of upcycling them into something I love, so it feels pretty strange to have something new delivered. We both now call it our first grown-up piece of furniture, gawd maybe we are getting old?! At first I wasn't too sure, but now that I have all our bits in it I love it and it really compliments the other furniture in our kitchen.


It's been a glorious morning here in the North West of England and we made the very most of it by getting some seeds into the ground with a little help from our trusty planter

Our little daffs are finally out and how beautiful they are.

I finally managed to get some herbs into a galvanised tin bath. I have a bit of a thing for these, I think
they look amazing with anything, but especially with succulents, herbs and wool offcourse.

Hope you have enjoyed some sun where you are?! What have you done today?

Since our trip to Portugal, little Es has been asking alot of questions about Jesus and his crusifiction, as we saw Jesus on the cross in a church we visited. Tonight's bedtime were dominated by further questions and discussions about this. I thought it was so sweet when she said: 'Mummy, I've got a really good idea. Maybe next year we can make a cross for Easter and then we could make a Jesus and he could be a scarecrow in our garden.' Kids are so innocent and when things occupy their minds they can come out with some really strange ideas, but all the same very sweet.


  1. Your dresser is beautiful and looks even better with all the lovely china on it.

  2. I just LOVE your new cupboard or dresser or whatever. Its so beautiful - so french. And all your lovely old crockery and cutlery displayed in it. Beautiful! Your daffs are lovely - we are now putting bulbs into the ground.! Hope they will flower as yours. Can I borrow your little planter please? I love Esme's scarecrow idea. Not a bad idea to put Jesus in our gardens to bless us. But of course, He is best in our hearts.

    Can I upload Photo's on your blog? Probably not? xxxxx