Friday, 12 April 2013

Liquid lunch

Part of my journey with M.E has been to really focus on diet and lately I have started to throw a few things in the blender with the end result being a very delicious smoothie.

I always put in some coconut water, half an avocado, a carrot, a stick of celery and then the rest is dependent on what's in the fridge. The other essential for me is Linwoods milled flaxseed, almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts with Q10, largely for some added protein and the benefits of Q10. Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that boost immunity and is also known to treat certain types of cancer. Here is an interesting article about it.

Today, it's been mange tout and some green beans

and I always add some frozen or fresh fruit. Today's choice was frozen tropical fruit.

I love this new way of eating and what I like best is that there is always enough for another snack later in the day. I eat at least six meals a day as I can't last long without food and this is a great mid afternoon snack for me. I have experimented with a huge variety of vegetables and to be honest ANYTHING works. It is also a great way to use up veg that needs using up.
When we have some money I would love to buy a Vitamix blender as they are amazing and can even make soup, but very pricey unfortunately. If you are interested in healthy eating, check out this Raw Chi website for some inspiration.
 Do you enjoy smoothies or juices made at home?


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