Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A pretty little tea cozy in the making

I adore tea cozies and especially if they are crocheted or knitted, so I just couldn't resist attempting this very pretty and lovely little tea cozy by Niki Trench. I'm quite fond of this book as there are oodles of lovely ideas in here with some lovely things already made and many more I would love to make. Money well spent. I have noticed that she now has a new book out called 'Crochet Living'. Have any of you bought or seen this book in person??


So the teacozy is almost finished, I just need to do a couple more flowers and the little cozy will be ready to cosy.

It is so satisfying to tick a job off a list and today's was a piece of oilcloth on a chair, hooray!

These beautiful flowers were given to me today by a very dear friend picked from her Mothers garden and I just need to know what they are as they are lush, lush lush and I NEED to plant some. Do you have any idea what they could be. To me they look like Camellia's, but it is far too early and cold for Camellia's to be in full bloom where we are, right??

Now, turning over for the last of the Great British Sewing Bee.... and it can only be splendiferous!!


  1. You are so clever! I just do not have the patience!

  2. Your post just reminded me that I have this half made in a drawer, just need to make a few more flowers, you have spurred me on to finish it !
    I will have a look out for the new Nikki Trench book too.

    1. Now there is no way out for me, I have to finish it.xxx