Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sunshine and a Winner

Hello lovely peeps, its such a beautiful day here in the north of England, in fact its the third beautiful day we have had in a row. It feels so lovely to wake up to clear blue skies and a bright and big sun that beams beautiful warm sunshine onto your skin. I almost felt blinded when I took the kids to school this morning, it feels good to know that hot goddess is back, oh joys.

On Sunday we made the very most of this glorious weather and packed a picnic, our second of the year, I think, and set off to a lovely little place called Hare Hill, a really pretty little spot that's perfect for my wheels and the kids. My gorgeous man kindly made some gluten, dairy and soy free bread and after a lovely gentle yoga and meditation practice we set off to go and count some Hares.

The kids loved exploring and searching for the 12 carved hares scattered around the grounds. This is the first time that we actually managed to get around most of the grounds. Thank you National Trust for doing an amazing job making it a little more wheelchair friendly. Finding wheelchair friendly places to visit can often be a little bit of a challenge, but fortunately I have my trusty forever fell running pusher who is happy to go anywhere, apparently it's all good training (and given my weight, errm I reckon the man might just be right for once! Operative word being once!).
Halfway into our walk we found the perfect little spot for our picnic. It was really lovely and quiet as other people tend to have theirs within the walled garden, but little Es knew best.

The kids ran around, climbed trees and had heaps of fun learning how to skim stones on water

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and what I loved most about it was that the kids were outside straight after breakfast and didn't come in till around 6pm. It makes such a lovely change after months of being cooped up indoors and it sure feels like a rather lovely tease for a beautiful Spring to follow.

So now on to the exciting bit, the winner. I roped little Es in yesterday afternoon as we had a lovely girly afternoon with big brother away at a play date and it seemed like a good opportunity for her to write her numbers. Who needs a random number selector when you have a trusty four year old to assist.

numbers were written in a fashion and popped into a hat and in less than two shakes of a lambs tail little Es selected the winner

Congratulations Heather from the lovely blog my little red suitcase, please leave me a comment with your email address so I can get in touch with you.

There has been quite a few things happening here in our little pad, but one of them is finally getting some new shelves in my kitchen. When we knocked the wall through two years ago, we lost the majority of our cupboards and even though we have acquired an island with good storage and a lovely big sideboard, I am forever needing more space, so I am tres happy with these. All they need now is a little paint and maybe some lovely wallpaper, time will tell. 

That's all for today my lovelies. Wishing you all a skippity hoppity day.
Warm Wishes


  1. Your kitchen looks absolutely heavenly! No wonder you like to spend so much time in there! I do wish I shared your passion for cooking, I never quite seem to have the energy left to do it well. That picnic area looks divine. I'm glad you've had a bit of sunshine. I hope you are traveling okay my sweet. Much Love. Xx

  2. Congrats to Heather! Your kitchen looks great, it's so spacious and bright. I would spend lots of time in there too. The Hare place looks like such a fun site to visit, I would love to play and picnic among the hares. :)

  3. Hello Hannapat
    What beautiful photo's and so lovely to see one you in !
    Your kitchen looks the most heavenly place, and I can see why you love your new cupboard - I would too.
    Have a good week,
    Kate x

  4. Well done Heather.
    It is really lovely to be able to spend some real time outdoors.

  5. What a lovely post - of course I've been drooling at your kitchen photo too but what a great one of those ladybirds! I've never been to Hare Hill but it looks like a must for Spring. Well done Heather x Jane

  6. I'm so glad you managed to get out and about, county parks are good to for wheelchair access too and some have a tramper you can borrow, like a extreme tarrain mobilty scooter, I took one out in the woods last year in Dorset and also onto a heathland in Suffolk :) looks like you had lots of fun on the picnic, dare I ask is the bread yeast free? Your kitchen looks so lovely, hope the payback from you're adventures is not to bad.
    Clare xx

  7. So wonderful to see you enjoying the sunshine this weekend! Hare Hill looks like quite the magical place, love the picnic with that big-eared fellow! And your kitchen...drool...perfect! Cxxx

  8. Looks as if you had a wonderful time Hannapat, you certainly had the perfect weather. And I am love love loving your fab kitchen! I have serious kitchen envy!!!!!!

  9. What a beautiful day out you had, so glad you found somewhere so nice to go. Hare hunting sounds great fun. And I love the picture of your picnic. What lovely kitchen you have, so much space, I love it. Hope you have a good week Hannapat. CJ xx

  10. oh wow, that lovely mandala and book are coming to me! how amazing, thank you! I had a little twinkle in my eye looking at your lovely mandala and the book looks fab. I can't wait, thank you my dear. Your lovely day out reminds me what i could be doing on these sunny days! life has been a bit of a whirl lately. I will email you, Heather X

  11. sorry Hannapat I got confused, excitement! here's mine mylittleredsuitcase@phonecoop.coop X

  12. Congratulations to Heather! Sounds as though she got a little overcome which is so lovely! Glad that you got out and about and had such a good day out, looking for rabbits in the grounds sounds like lots of fun - as well has having a picnic! Your shelves - and whole kitchen might I add - are beautiful. xx

  13. Beautiful sunshiny day out in a beautiful place for a beautiful family. Okay, enough 'beautifuls'! That bread is also 'b……..', well done lovely man!
    Loving your kitchen dear Hannapat, shelves look great, everything looks great, and hey, I'm so happy for Heather and her gorgeous win!
    Much love to you, Joy xoxo

  14. Your picnic looks great! What lovely weather you had! Congratulations to Heather for winning your lovely giveaway!

    Happy evening Hannapat!

    Madelief x

  15. That walk look gorgeous. I wish I was with you too. And as always you're photos are fabulous. I especially like the one of the lafybirds. Great shot.
    Rosie xx

  16. What a lovely place to visit and to picnic, Hannapat! The hares make it extra special...I would love to go there some time! Your little girl writing out the numbers looks adorable.......and congratulations to the lucky winner!
    Your kitchen is gorgeous, and your pretty new swap gifts fit in so perfectly!
    Helen xox

  17. The weather really was glorious wasn't it, but as you're not a million miles from me I'm thinking that like us you might have been under fog for the last couple of days?

    Fabulous photos, it looks like you all had a great day x

  18. What a lovely home you have! the 4 year old little E knows her numbers very well and is a good little helper to you. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope the warmer sun returns.

  19. Hey Hannapat,
    I have kitchen envy. And how lovely to see you - hello!!x

    Leanne x

  20. I LOVE (ADORE) that kitchen...the crocheted stool covers caught my eye, immediately!!! HAPPY! The picnic looks like it was just the ticket - sunshine, a beautiful setting with giant rabbits, and happy loved ones - who could ask for a better day than that?! Congrats to your lucky winner. XO