Monday, 16 December 2013

How to make a Christmas wreath

Every year I forage in the garden and send the doh and kids on a little adventure to bring Mamma some lovely green and Christmassy bits for a wreath. This year there was no shortage of wonderful holly with an abundance of red berries.


So to get started I used some fresh moss that I got from our local garden centre, lay it on top of the metal ring, if you don't have a ring you can just make one out of metal wire.

I used metal sticks to keep the moss in place, you can also use garden wire or string.

Once it is all secure, you can start to add your chosen foliage. I am fortunate that we have quite a few Leylandii trees in our garden, so I usually snip a few of their branches for the base

and then start adding some holly and whatever else you can get your mitts on.

Tie it all together using either garden wire or string and

voila you have one Christmas wreath.

For anyone in warmer climates, some roses or hydrangeas also make a beautiful Christmas wreath.
Here are two sweet pictures I picked up at the Church fair for 50p each.  

We managed to grab some time to indulge in the brilliant Elf, our first Christmas flick of the year, whilst enjoying some warm mince pies. It sure feels like the festive season is in full swing and I am already planning the next flick, oh too many wonderful choices... What is your favourite Christmas movie(s)??
I do hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. I will be back shortly with a recipe for lavender salt scrub.
Warm Wishes


  1. You are so clever, you put me to shame. The wreath is perfect and the pictures adorable. Well done on a job well done with the wreath, it is so much better than the shop bought ones. Happy to hear you are enjoying the Christmas season... looking forward to the salt scrub recipe. Last year I made gifts with lavender and Epsom salts and attached a vintage spoon to the jar with ribbons and lace as the scoop xxx

  2. Beautiful wreath Hannapat, mine is not quite as natural as yours but it did go up this weekend, as did our tree. We are feeling rather festive here and watched Elf and The Santa Clause this weekend which were great, we have got the polar express lined up for this week xox Enjoy all your festivities xxx Penny

  3. Your wreath is a stunner Hannapat! I was going to make one, but time has run away with me. Maybe next year.....

    I love the film Elf. I love Will Ferrell. We haven't watched naything festive yet. The boys are on a Power Rangers binge at the moment. So no Muppet Cristmas Carol for me.....

    Leanne xx

  4. Dear Hannapat
    What a lovely wreath - really festive and welcoming. Some of my favourite Christmas films: Miracle on 34th Street (original), The Bishop's Wife (original), A Christmas Carol (Patrick Stewart version, Alistair Sim version and Muppet version) and Love actually (the sort of film you either love or hate, but leaves a Christmassy feeling).
    Enjoy the rest of your Christmas preparations!
    Best wishes

  5. That's a great tutorial for a christmas wreath and the result is lovely. I really want to see Elf this year, I always seem to miss it and it the best Christmas film. I love warm mince pies. I have done my first lot, more to come! xxx

  6. Gorgeous Hannapat! I think we have all been inspired to make our own wreaths this year.They are very expensive to buy in the shops and garden centres and so much more fun to make having foraged for all sorts of greenery and bits from the hedgerows/gardens/home. I havent made any mince pies, to be honest I'm still trying to keep off the stone I lost on the weight watchers diet plan, I have done up to now but there are so many lovely temptations about at this time of year.Have a lovely week XX

  7. 'It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas' - at your place, lovely! You've done a beautiful job with your fresh natural wreath and so nicely tutored too! Your little pictures are so sweet - I so love the little girl on the gate, and what better than warm mince pies whilst watching a beautiful Christmas film - you've got it right lovely Hannapat! Oh, it's getting close now, the excitement is rising … RELAX AND ENJOY!!! Much love and warm hugs, Joy xoxo

  8. Your wreath is beautiful Hannapat, and such a great tutorial explaining how you made it. I love the little bells on your mincepies, I have seen stars before, but never bells - you are so creative! My favourite christmas film - this is a hard one! I usually say the newer Miracle on 34th Street, but I do also love Christmas with the Kranks, but there is also one with Matthew Broderick who gets into some christmas light competition - can't remember the name of the film - and that is lots of fun. Hope that you are enjoying your preparations. xx

  9. Lovely, looks very pretty and festive on your door :) xx

  10. It beautiful reminds me so much of my Dad who always used to make one every year. So many Chirstmas films I have to say I'm a bit of a sucker for The Holiday this time of year.
    Clare x

  11. Lovely Hannapat I do adore your wreath, it is just lovely and those mince pies look scrumptious, could just eat one this minute with a milky coffee! I love the film Elf and watched it with my little peeps a week or so ago, it is such a super film and adorable at this time of the year. Your little pictures are sweet and will look perfect in the right spot. A fab post as always Hannapat, no wonder I look forward to reading your blog. Big hugs and kisses to you

  12. A gorgeous wreath!! Thanks for sharing how you made it! I would love to have that much greenery to make one! What lovely finds! The floral needlepoint is beautiful! And, your mince pies looks quite tasty. I must give them a try one day! Wishing you a lovely and crafty week dearest! xo Heather

  13. Umm, Lavender Salt Scrub sounds scrumptious :-) I'll watch for your recipe.

    Your wreath looks beautiful and your tarts look like they'll hit the spot for Christmas munching.

    Have a wonderful week leading up to Christmas. Hugs. xx

  14. Your wreath is just so gorgeous. Thank you for the tutorial.

  15. Such a pretty wreath. I really love all the holly in it. Thanks for sharing how you made it.

  16. The wreath is stunning! I would love to make one - but I don't seem to have a moment for crafting. :(

  17. a beautiful wreath! you crafty girl! the mince pies look nice. Hope you get some slower time soon, Heather x

  18. I've always wanted to make my own wreath and you've made it look so easy. Thanks for sharing your brilliant tutorial with us. Your wreath is really stunning, you did a great job there. I'm amazed at how much your fit in and achieve, you are one busy lady! x

  19. You make it look so easy. But it isnt really all that easy. Not when you've got fingers that won't do what you want them to do anymore! Oh well, I suppose that's the sign of the times. I wish I had you teaching me how to do this when I was younger. Haha. But it warms my heart to see it hanging on your beautiful door. Love you!

  20. Your wreath looks very professionally made - well done you it looks amazing! So much nicer than the shop bought or fake ones. I gave it a go myself and was so pleased I felt confident enough to feature it on a recent post. It's so nice to catch up with you - I haven't had much time to myself lately X