Thursday, 17 July 2014

and so she sews...

I don't know about you, but for me I always have this list of things I would like to achieve before the school holidays kick in. I know as soon as the first day of the school holidays start I can wave my little crafty project goodbye. So amongst many other things, this dress was on this so called list. I will add here that since the beginning of the year, when life changed directions, my so called to-do-lists were chucked out the back door and I must confess that even though there are days I feel very tempted to put a pencil to paper to make a list or two (as really I am a gal who likes a good list), I no longer allow myself the pleasure. So when I refer to this before-the-holiday-start-list, it really is very much a mental list, but hopefully it comes without the pressure (or so she says!!)

So coming back to this dress. Now a few years ago I was in our local fent shop when I spotted this rather gorgeous, what I would class as retro looking, fabric and I knew that despite the fact that it was rather pricey, I just had to buy it there and then. Now years later I found the pattern and it seems the rest is history. Honestly from start to finish it didn't take too long, we are not talking hours here, in fact much more like days, but it was still good going for me that is. I seem to be getting a little better at understanding patterns and how to use them and this one threw a few tricky curve balls my way just to make sure I was concentrating, but I got there in the end (oh Google what would I do without thee!).

Now as I was nearing the end, having just done all my interfacings, I was trying to trim away some of the excess bulk around the neck and arm areas in order to get a clean and crisp press finish. Well it was all going swimmingly, until my Fiskars Micro Tip scissors couldn't get through the bulk of the layers of fabric and I reached for sewing scissors, when yes, brace yourselves, I cut through my dress, yes interfacing, dress and all. Now all you Instagram folk shared my panic and pain and offered much support and fortunately after a knock on the door, a cuppa, and a moment to breath, I returned on a mission to put it right and fortunately I managed to do just that, phew! (yes a big phew!).

One thing I am still struggling with is to ensure the dress fits me perfectly. Both the dresses that I have made fit, but not like a glove and that is the whole point of making your own clothes right. So this is something that I need to figure out. I am forever having to take darts in to get it a little snugger and after wearing this dress for the first time today I will be making a few alterations to it over the next couple of days. So if anyone has any good advice on good books or youtube links, please share as I would be very interested to hear your input.

As for the rest of my mental list (no pressure is the mantra!) there are quite a few things I would like to achieve by next Tuesday, but honestly when I look at the calendar, I can only but sigh and breathe as it is looking rather unlikely.

This week Tuesday we celebrated 15 years of being together and it has been the best 15 years of my life. Who would have thought that 15 years ago when we sat in some dingy pub in London just off Fleet street and my man plucked up the courage to ask me to court with him (yes he comes with good manners!), that we would be the best team ever. We work so well together, we gel in oh so many ways and I love my man more than words can say and there is not a day that I don't feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Tuesdays are busy days in our household and by the time we get back from gymnastic, kids are fractious and hungry, this week to add insult to injury little J joined hubby for an orienteering fell race and by the time they both walked through the door tired and muddy it was  LATE.

A table was set in the garden for the two of us, nothing fancy but all the same it was special. The kids enjoyed a late telly session whilst us grown ups longingly looked into each others eyes declaring our undying love to each other (well actually it was more along the lines of 'oh my what the hell happened in parliament today?', need I say more!). One thing is for sure, Romance is NOT dead in our house. It was such a lovely evening and I look forward to sharing another 45 years with my man. He is my best friend, lover and the most amazing Dad to our two kids, what more could I ask for in one lifetime! I am truly blessed.

(and yes of course there had to be a little dessert, Paleo all the same. Basically its one avocado, cacao powder, a little honey, one can coconut milk, and some dates. A bit of an improvisation and it possibly needs a little tweaking but one day when I get around to setting up my new blog it will be on there! All in all not too shabby at all).

That's it for today, I will be back soon with another project that I worked on this week, for now though I am wishing you all a very lovely week.

Warm Wishes


  1. What a lovely dress, the fabric is fantastic and you've done a really good job of it. I've cut through things before now, it's easily done isn't it. How wonderful to be with such a lovely man, I'm wishing you both a very happy anniversary. The dessert looks delicious, I'll look forward to seeing the recipe one day. I hope you have a good weekend Hannapat. CJ xx

  2. Dear Hannapt
    Your dress looks lovely - congratulations (and for saving it too!). Happy anniversary to you both - it looks like you had a wonderful meal.
    Enjoy the rest of the week and have a good weekend.
    Best wishes

  3. Yay its beautiful you did it you clever clever girl...!!

    re darts: I find the best way is to sew the darts... (and always press press press after stitching ) then before you join another piece of the dress just undress to your underwear and put the dress front up against you as if you were going to wear it, you will soon see if its too baggy and where .... and it is so much easier to take in darts if dress is not completed, just a flat piece...does that make sense? Another way is to make up a trial dress (toile) out of calico. But experience is the best teacher in my opinion!
    Happy anniversary too
    bestest D xx

  4. You did a beautiful job with that gorgeous fabric lovely Hannapat, and you look lovely in your brand new "I made it myself' dress! So sorry to hear of the mishap with scissors - it won't happen again - most of us go through something like that I'm sure, and so happy that you managed to fix it :) Well done!
    Just to add to Daisy's super advice above - it's a very good thing if the point of the dart is heading in the direction of your - can I say nipple - as this makes a huge difference too, to the overall fit of the dress.
    Big congrats on 15 years together and it's wonderful to hear more of the love and sweet understanding between you and your lovely man: here's to the next 45 years! By the way, that dessert looks so yummy and how lovely to have your celebration meal out in the lovely garden ….. Talk soon, sending much love and big hugs, Joy xoxo

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and your wonderful husband. 15 years is huge!!!! A big congrats to you both for staying so much in love with each other and your family. You look fantastic in that dress, I love it and I think the fabric is perfect. The fit looks perfect to.
    Well done on all accounts.

  6. Happy anniversary! We just had 15 years together in May (12 years married, also in May). Your dress is beautiful and it looks so good on you. Well done.

  7. Your dress is great and I hope that you can work out the tweaks that you want to make. Congratulations on your 15 years, I hope that you and your hubby have many more happy years together!!! xx

  8. Happy anniversary to you both Hannapat! Your dress looks lovely on you, such a pretty style and beautiful fabric!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  9. I adore the dress. It's very you. It's very me too. ;)
    Happy anniversary. Marc and I will be married 18 years next month, and 22 years together in November. All those numbers! It looks like you had a lovely alfresco meal too. Have a lovely weekend.
    Leanne xx

  10. Love vintage look! Happy anniversary Hannapat!:::Silvia

  11. look at you in your little blue retro dress, very clever, it looks great. I love the sound of your anniversary pudding too! yes take it easy now it's holidays. X

  12. Such a pretty dress Hannapat - bet it looks gorgeous on !
    have a great week,
    Kate x

  13. Hi lovely. I've been enjoying watching your dress take shape on Instagram. It looks fabulous on you - that colour really shows off your tan, and the pattern is gorgeous. Good job! xx

  14. Hello Lovely Hannapat sorry I have been away, life has been tooo busy for all the wrong reasons and I have been missing you on your fabulous blog. Just catching up now and what a wonder you are - I adore your hexies, they look just fabulous and your blue dress - well that is so lovely, you look divine in it. It really suits your colouring and shape, you could be a model. Happy anniversary to you both and I am hoping to keep more in touch now Hannapat but do think of you often and hope we can meet up one day soon. Big hugs and loves

  15. Oh my gosh, that fabric is gorgeous and the dress look a amazing on. Deb x

  16. Hello my friend! Too long I have been away, but what a post to catch up with! The dress is outstanding! The fabric is absolutely gorgeous, well done! Soooo nice to hear about your anniversary, we're big romantics here, too, congratulations! Cxxx

  17. That is a truly lovely dress.

    Somewhat belatedly, Happy Anniversary to you both x

  18. Wow the dress is amazing love that fabric, belated good wishes for you're anniversary.
    Clare xx

  19. This dress is perfect! I love the fabric and the style of dress. I have booked up to do a course on garment making, and am hoping to make a 60s style shift dress! I just love everything about yours and the colour goes great with your tan!
    Maria x