Thursday, 1 May 2014

Its May and time for the Monthly Mand-a-long

 Hello lovelies and Hello May! I am super excited to share my May mandala with you today.
So instead of taking this little project with my on my jolly hols, I figured I would be able to whip it up in a night or two on my return, well it seems the girl was wrong (yet again)! Not so much because the pattern was complicated, but largely because I seem to have fallen out of love with my choice of colours just before the final hour, just a little annoying right?!
So the night before last, two rows before finishing, issues with composition brought on a dichotomic moment when sheer excitement stared sheer frustration right in the face and out came the yarn, yikes, don't you loathe it when this happens. Saying that sometimes it just has to be done.

 This gorgeous pattern by Wink has been heaps of fun to work (thanks Wink!).

It certainly kept me mindful throughout, well as much as one can be whilst trying to watch the first few episodes of the first series of Breaking Bad, oh my where have I been??? I have been um and ahhing for some time now to buy the series and then finally succumbed upon our return. Lets just say that our evenings for the next month or so are firmly secured and that I am avoiding all social invitations (well mostly!). Anyone else addicted? or is this just so yesterday?!

On Tuesday my gorgeous friend spoilt me with some beautiful crab apple blossom and Camelia's (one of my fave's) from her Mum's garden and I have had such fun admiring these pretty blooms against the gorgeous colours of this Mandala.
I worked the Mandala using Drops Paris in colours, Apricot, White, Light and Dark Grey, and Dark Turquoise. I kinda love the unusual colour of the Apricot, anyone else used this before?
So for June, I am planning a cute little Mandala that I am quite excited to start work on. I found the lovely pattern on Ravelry and for those of you who want to join in and hook the same Mandala, you can find the 'Starflower Mandala' pattern here on Ravelry or you can find it on Zelina Oliver's gorgeous blog Zooty Owl's Crafty Blog. Isn't this pattern just gorgeous?? I just Love it and can't wait to hook it. To be honest it wasn't the original plan for June, but when I saw it I just knew I had to hook it. Fortunately it also seems that the lovely lady is more than happy for us to hook away, so thank you so much Zelina, how very kind of you!


Image courtesy of Zelina Oliver (

For those of you who have managed to create a Mandala, I would love to see your creations so please add your link below and for those of you who haven't yet managed to get around to it but would like to, don't worry the link up is open for a month, so you can add your link anytime or you can just join in as and when you feel up to it. For those of you who are new to my blog or are just visiting (hello and welcome!) and would love to join in over the next months, you can read more about my Monthly Mand-a-long here.

So before I sign off and return to my bake-a-thon, I will just take a humble moment to yet again grovel that I haven't gotten around to any blogs, bare with me I promise to get there soon. For now though there is a party to organise for Saturday and shortly after there is a great deal of sewing I need to do for school, but somehow in between it all I will make some time to catch up on all your news. For now though I have a kitchen covered in a cloud of flour dust and blue icing, oh the joys of parties, its a good think I love doing them!

Sending you all much love and wishes for a fun and creative May and a wonderful May Bank Holiday for those of you in the UK, may the sun shine down on us, pretty pleeeeeeezzzze!!

Warm Wishes



  1. Oh I just love Zelina mandala, saw the pattern just after I started my first one and was sooo tempted. Thank you so much for the lovely birthday parcel that arrived this morning, wishing you're little one a very happy birthday weekend.
    Clare xxx

  2. Hello! - I too have been away from blogland for a few weeks so you're not alone in playing catch up! Your mandala is so pretty and those flowers really compliment it. I have a camelia rose bush in my garden and have just crocheted some for my spring wreath which you can see on my recent post. I think the majority of us want to make the Zelina mandala too - which I will hopefully get round to linking up one day soon.
    You are SO going to love Breaking Bad - it's fantastic. We watched the whole five series over Xmas and the New Year on Netflix. I mentioned it on this post... I don't think we're going to hear from you soon as you'll be glued to the TV from now on ;-). Have a great Bank Holiday weekend, and best of luck with the party planning and preparations. XX

  3. Wow, those biscuits are pretty good. Love the mandala as well, so beautifully done. I love the camellias, lucky you, they're some of my favourites too. I have a couple of little plants, but they're both looking really sickly, I don't know what's wrong, but they seem to be on their way out. Great to see this post, I was just wondering how you were today.

  4. Such a beautiful May Day Mandala! If I get organised I will have one to show in a few days! Hope that all is going well with you. xx

  5. Utterly gorgeous mandala my sweet friend, and the colours are so seaside-y - I love them! And your friend is so kind bringing such gorgeous flowers - I love camellias and ALL tree blossoms, don't they all make you feel so good and aren't we so blessed to have such beauty around us! Happy Birthday weekend celebrations to all of you - and don't those biccies look sooooo good!
    I wish you the best in catching up on blogs, Hannapat - it took me ages, and now I daren't turn my back for an instant or I'll fall behind again!!! But it's all fun and well worth the effort ….. Sending loads of love, Joy xoxo

  6. what a wonderful use of colours. I love drops yarn one of my favs. Love your biscuits they are making me reach for the biscuit tin but I am on healthy eating plan so I will just have to drool at yours. Hope you are well. Have a lovely Bank holiday weekend.

  7. Love the blue and pink together, I too fell in love with Zooty owls mandala and have linked my effort up with you. Have a great weekend.

  8. Hoorah! I'm so excited about your monthly mandalas, I plan to whip up one next week to link up - a Wink pattern I've already made but one that I want to do again with an entirely different colour palette. Watch this space...we're watching it still, too - I can't remember which season we're on, as we took a break over Easter (we need occasional breaks, it gets intense!). Lots of love and have a wonderful weekend full of goodies! Cxxx

  9. Such a pretty post - all those wonderful Mandalas - thank you for including me!

  10. Beautiful photo's, beautiful Mandalas !
    Have a great weekend,
    Kate x

  11. Welkom terug, skattie! I'm so behind in blog reading too so just trying now to catch up a wee bit. Your mandalas are so pretty - I'd love to join in but am trying to be good and not taking on any new projects until I catch up with myself.
    Happy Sunday and enjoy tomorrow too,
    Love & hugs xx

  12. Lovely Hannapat it has been such a long time since we last spoke and I am so happy to be calling again. Your crochet is as always adorable, I am a long way off such fabulous creations but working on a crochet bag at the moment. I would love to be able to join you in your work but I know I would fall by the wayside! Hannapat I hope you have the most perfect weekend and look forward to speaking very soon. Big hugs and loves to you as always

  13. Hello Hannapat, your Mandala is very pretty, I love the colours. I love your photographs and all those gorgeous blooms and tasty biscuits. You have been a busy bee. Much love to you, Linda xx

  14. Have a good bank holiday Hannapat, try and have some restful time! I might be lured into trying the starflower mandala! Heather x

  15. I love the border of your mandala - so pretty! I've just linked up with mine! Maria x

  16. Gorgeous mandala which coordinates beautifully with those pretty flowers and lovely biscuits!
    Marianne x

  17. Good colour choices but that next one is something else, I will be tuning in for that. I have never made one but admire everyone elses. Jo x

  18. Good morning! Just hopped over from Lucy's blog following the Mandala link :) Glad to have found you and will be coming back to have a good look round! xxxx