Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Lavender Salt Scrub and fudge recipes - wonderful last minute gift ideas

Hellooo its only one week till Christmas, and I am not sure whether to jump with joy or just feel completely overwhelmed with all the things that I still want to accomplish before the kids break from School TOMORROW. Fortunately I finally managed to finish my custom order yesterday, phew, and it feels so good to be able to completely focus on the things I need to do around the house. I am mostly there with presents, but still have a few small bits to sort out and this morning it was time to tick another one of the list by making another lavender salt scrub, a lovely gift idea.


A Kilner or Mason jar
2 parts rock salt
1 part lavender
1 part olive oil
mix it all together, yip it really is that simple. If you don't have lavender you could just use lavender essential oil and increase the salt to three parts. A five minute job.

If you are stuck for gifts for a man or someone who might not enjoy body scrub, then use your jars and fill them with fudge. I used this this Nigella recipe for mine.
500g caster sugar
50g unsalted butter
100ml evaporated milk
1tsp vanilla extract
20 x16cm tin
Put the sugar butter and evaporated milk into a heavy based saucepan and bring to boil. Boil it gently stirring occasionally to prevent sticking. Carry on until the mixture holds its shape in water, which should take around 5-10 minutes. Take pan off the heat and beat in the vanilla extract and keep beating until the mixture thickens up to be almost grainy in texture and then add it to your lined baking tin and allow to cool. This should make around 25 squares.

I will be handing over the teachers gifts today and this year I have filled their little bags with some Christmas Chutney and a bar of home made soap.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my wreath and input into Christmas movies. This week us grown-ups watched The Holiday, which is just such a lovely Christmas Rom Com to watch and next our line up includes the 1994 adaptation of Miracle on 34th street, followed by Polar Express, The snowman, A Christmas Carol and the more recent and magical Arthur Christmas and finally Santa Claus. I think we might struggle to fit any more in, but there are a few going into stockings such as the hilarious Home Alone 1&2 (can't wait to see them again, I think it might be my sixth or seventh time and it cracks me up everytime) and yes it appears we have ventured into the world of Barbie with Barbie Christmas Box Set (definitely a new one for us).
Hope all your preparations are going to plan and that you also find some time just to appreciate the joy and the meaning behind Christmas. I love this gorgeous nativity scene that I picked up from the charity shop a few years ago and I love that the kids play with it every day and ask questions. It is so easy to in today's consumer crazy world to loose sight of the reasons we celebrate Christmas.
Wishing you all a lovely week.
Warm Wishes


  1. I am always blown away by how creative you are, & the incredible effort you put into making things with love, despite your limitations. I wish I lived close by & could sample your recipes. It feels like the real meaning of Christmas gets lost amidst all the consumerism. Sometimes I long for simpler days. Much love & hoping you have all the strength you need for the week ahead. Xx

  2. Hi lovely Hannapat! Thank you so much for the lavender scrub recipe...I have been looking forward to this! This is definately one I will be making. It looks so beautiful in the jars with the pretty ribbon. Hope you have a lovely week.
    Marianne xxx

  3. Dear Hannapat
    Great ideas for gifts! Thank you for sharing these. I always put a Nativity scene under the Christmas tree - as you say, it is important to remember what Christmas is really about.
    Have a lovely Christmas and peaceful New Year
    Best wishes

  4. I always love your gift ideas Hannapat, you put such a lot of though into them! You are indeed multi talented! :) x

  5. I am going to make the fudge for Olly's teachers tomorrow.Everyone loves fudge, right?

    Leanne xx

  6. I love that fudge recipe, trouble is whenever I decide to gift it I always sneak a square or two , so I have banned myself from making any more fudge.Thanks for sharing the baby scrub I love lavender, I love the way you have presented it , is looks so very special. That reminds me I must buy more ribbon!!

  7. Well, these are FABULOUS "recipes", and I thank you for THAT!!! You look like you've got it all under control, even with just one week to go - I would hate for you to see my work space right now! Merry Christmas countdown, Hannahpat! XOXO

  8. HI Hannapat
    Thank you for the fudge recipe - it's actually exactly what I need to finish off my Christmas presents !
    Have a lovely Christmas,
    Kate x

  9. Your nativity set is beautiful Hannapat, and I love that your children want to play with it and ask questions. Your gifts are lovely too, I am sure they will be appreciated and they are packaged so beautifully too! You really do make everything look so beautiful. xx

  10. Thanks for sharing these recipes! The scrub sounds wonderful. I think the salt all by itself is very pretty with those big crystals. We watched Home Alone on Saturday, it was our first Christmas movie of the season. It's one of my favorites. We still plan to watch Christmas Vacation, the Polar Express and Love, Actually (well, I will, not sure if anyone else cares for it around here and it's not really for kids anyway, haha).

  11. Lovely recipes, you make some beautiful gifts. I watched "Christmas with Tucker" last night, sweet film, fine for children or grown-ups.
    Carol aka Dansnan xx

  12. Hello Lovely Hannapat, love the recipes, especially the scrub which I am most certainly going to try this week when I get some space. I love all your makes and am so glad that you got your custom order out on time, well done you. Big hugs to you Hannapat, may your home and life be filled with joy, peace and happiness. All my love as always

  13. OH well done Hannapat, you are still present-making and doing such a great job of it all - you deserve the very best Christmas my lovely, you've certainly crafted and gifted your way towards a 'hum-dinger' of a time! The fudge recipe looks a beauty and if I can find the time I will most certainly be trying that one out. Your lavender scrub looks fantastic too - great gift ideas! Not long for the children to wait now - oh what excitement! Enjoy your last few lead-up days! Much love and warm hugs, Joy xoxo

  14. Oh Hannapat you're home made gifts look so lovely, and that fudge so yummy, I bet you're house spelt divine with all these lovely makes. Have a wonderful Christmas my lovely, season greeting to you and the family
    Clare xx

  15. Hello Hannapat, you have been busy! It is so sweet of you to make all the teachers those gifts. Your salt scrub looks very nice and I love the fudge too. I don't know how you've managed to look after children, make all the gifts and finish a custom order too. You really do a lot. Sounds like you've got a wonderful Christmas lined up too. I enjoyed the movie, The Holiday. I also enjoy the traditional oldies, Miracle on 34th Street & It's a Wonderful Life. I think the kiddos love to watch Polar Express and Home Alone 1 & 2 are great for grownups and kids alike. Have a fun time. Big hugs. xx

  16. Your Christmas gift ideas are delightful, Hannapat, so beautifully made and packaged! Thank you for sharing those delicious recipes with us. I love watching Christmas movies too, love all the old ones and lots of the new ones! Wishing you a wonderful festive week!
    Helen x

  17. Gosh you've been super busy Hannapat and I love your fabulous gift ideas ..... fudge is most definitely my favourite!
    wishing you and yours a magical Christmas~time
    love jooles x x x

  18. What a busy girl you have been, sounds like your friends and family are going to be very spoilt, such lovely gifts
    Winter Blessings
    Thea x

  19. You are about to make many people very happy with those lovely gifts.
    Hugs to you,

  20. ~ Ooh LOVE those very special gifts....Made from the heart...soo lovely!
    Hannapat, i am ever soo behind on every ones lovely worlds in pictures and words.....I hope to catch up with you all soon....~ Movies, Christmas movies.... ( your last post).I have been watching all the best, The holiday! The polar express and Love actually...And hope to watch more over the coming holiday...
    Wishing you and yours all the blessings and trimmings of the season, my friend....and thanking you for those kindest words on my last post....They meant a lot....Twinkly hugs to you.....******
    Maria x

  21. Love those homemade gifts...made with love indeed! The recipients are oh so lucky. Wishing you and very happy Christmas and New Year!

  22. You're clearly a fab person to receive a Christmas gift from :)

    Mad panic here this morning ... I can't find what I bought for my sister and her husband ... in fact I can't remember seeing it since I was shopping ... I'm beginning to think I must have had a mental moment and left it somewhere ... oh bother!

  23. What wonderful gifts! Love the way you've decorated the bags for the teachers, they look so festive and fun. Your salt scrub looks amazing, and the fudge. I've had mixed success with making my own fudge in the past, I need to practice more! We don't watch that many Christmas films but I did buy Elf for £3 in Adsa last week and we're looking forward to watching that together. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  24. Wow lucky teachers - such great ideas!Ii think hand made gifts are THE best!! X