Monday, 11 November 2013

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Those readers who follow the Stitching Sunday with the lovely Chrissie will know that I stitched quite a few little fairies over the course of several weeks. Well the time has come to reveal just what I've done with them.

I'm not sure about you but for me a lot of my inspiration comes from just every day life and in this instance all these little fairies were inspired by one little wobbly tooth, or the start of it shall I say. Over the summer little J started complaining of a sore tooth, but only when brushing. This got me thinking as I was keen on doing a little stitching and also for Mum to show me the ropes, so the old cogs started turning and voila this idea was born. Well of course I could have stuck with the traditional way of placing the tooth under the pillow, but that would have robbed me of all the fun that I've been having making these little pillows. 

I really enjoyed making these sweet pillows not only because the fairies were such fun to stitch, but also because I know there is something so magical about the Tooth Fairy coming to OUR house. It's funny how as parents we get so excited about all the milestones that kids have to go through in their lives, but for me loosing your first tooth is up there amongst taking your first step and saying your first word. It finally happened on Saturday, little J lost his very first tooth after months of having a wobbly tooth and I am not sure who was more excited, little J at the prospect of a visit from the Tooth Fairy or his Ma looking a bit silly and giddy with excitement holding her baby's very small tooth in her hand. There was definitely a part of me that felt sad to know that this signalled the start of a new 'bigger' boy stage, but I also know that it will bring many new happy moments and challenges alike. What impressed me most was that little J was adamant that we had to wash the tooth (possibly years of me going on and on about how the tooth fairy won't give you much money unless your teeth are sparkly clean, so make sure you brush properly, oh the things we have to do as parents!), so the tooth had a wash and dry and I was terrified of dropping it down the plug hole, I mean how small is it! When it was all ready and passed the quality control check little J popped it very proudly into the little pocket of the Tooth Fairy pillow, that he put next to his head when I went to sleep. I never want to stop believing in the Tooth Fairy or Father Christmas for that matter, a decision I made a long time ago. The magic lives on as long as we believe right?!



So these little pillows will be going for sale at this years preschool fund raising event at the end of the month amongst other things that I have been busy making over the last couple of months and whatever doesn't sell will be popped in my Etsy shop in the beginning of December.

It is a very wet and grey day here, but we did enjoy a glorious weekend where I managed to go to my very first bonfire with the kids. It was completely last minute, but it was perfect as it involved hardly any walking and it was short and sweet, so everyone was happy.

I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time to read and comment the 'Canary in a Coal Mine Preview' post. I am so pleased to see how many views it has had and that warms my heart as it means more people will have some insight into this condition. I know that I am blessed and that I am so so much better than I was and there is not a day that goes by where I am not immensely grateful for that! Basically, I think you are all rather wonderful, so thank you!!!!

Leaving you with this gorgeous view with its rolling mist and slight frost that I woke up to on Remembrance Sunday.

Warm Wishes


  1. Your tooth fairy pillows are adorable, Hannapat! And every child with a wobbly tooth should have one! We had a lovely sunny weekend too (most of the time) and I'm so glad you were able to go to the bonfire. Just catching up, and lovely to visit you again :)
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  2. What a wonderful idea, and so helpful for the tooth fairy I still believe and in Santa too, I think you have to!! Glad you got out to the bonfire and that your ME post is raising much needed awareness, have a great week.
    Clare xx

  3. Your little pillows are adorable Hannapat, and I am sure that the toothfairy will find them much nicer and easier to use than scrabbling around under the pillow!! A great use of your adorable fairies. xx

  4. I love your pillows! I had one just like that when I was little; a friend's mom made them as party favors for her birthday. I think I was in kindergarten. Only my son has lost teeth yet and I really wanted to do a pillow for him but he's a very light sleeper and we've been afraid to have him leave his tooth under his pillow or even in his room because he would wake up and see us. We gave him a special bag to hang on the outer doorknob of his room's door and we put the tooth inside the bag in an envelope and later in the night we take it away and leave him some money in exchange for it. :)

  5. Dear Hannapat
    These pillows are just beautiful and the little fairies are perfect for them. What very lucky children to have one of these for the Tooth Fairy to look in!
    Many congratulations for such perfect projects.
    Best wishes

  6. What a wonderful post! Your Tooth Fairy Pillows are simply and utterly wonderful! The fabrics, the stitching, it's all just so perfect! Well done, clever creative lady! I do hope you've linked that up to my blog...I remember the Tooth Fairy's first visit to our house, she left a little trail of fairy glitter from the window to Bunny's pillow! ;-) I'm just like you, I will never, not ever, grow up! Cxxx

  7. I loved reading this Hannapat. Of course I still believe in tooth fairies/father christmas/easter bunny, you have to dont you to pass on the magic to the little ones. Hearing my grandchildren talk about such things gives me such fond memories of times past and a glimpse of those still to come. Your pillows are absolutely beautiful. XX

  8. I like your tooth fairy pillows. The hand embroidered fairies are just wonderful! x

  9. This is the sweetest idea. I freely admit I was devastated when my daughter lost her first tooth and her top two are wobbly now, I dread the huge gap they will leave...they grow up so fast! But this is such a nice way to treasure these moments. x

  10. You clever girl Hannapat - your little pillows are so beautiful and must be such a great help for The Tooth Fairy, in that she doesn't have to grope around trying to find that little gem of a tooth hidden away but instead can gently remove it from its recognised spot, replace it with her treasure, and be on her way for it wouldn't do for her to be seen now would it! Your pics are so gorgeous and I love that little doll as well as the rolling mist. Great post lovely Hannapat and well done you! Much love, Joy xoxo

  11. Your projects are wonderful! I love all of them. I also like the cosiness of the room I see. It looks like perhaps a child's room? The scenery you captured in photo is so beautiful too.

  12. Ag moeder man, hulle is so pragitg skattie. Never stop believing, just pass the magic on to your little ones. Happy to hear you were able to go to the bonfire night too.

  13. Oh my gosh these pillows are gorgeous!!!
    Hannah has 3 teeth saved up waiting for me to make her a tooth pillow... I seriously need to get on it!!:) You've inspired me to add it to "do over Thanksgiving break" list!!
    Tammy x