Thursday, 25 July 2013

Vintage teaparty

Despite turning 40 in June, it took some time to actually get around to organising a little gathering with some close friends. I didn't really fancy sitting around a table in a restaurant and with all this glorious weather we've been blessed with lately a vintage afternoon tea party with the girls seemed the perfect way to celebrate.

All my lovely and special friends were amazing, they all baked (gluten and dairy free especially for me, which was such a lovely touch!) and brought food and drink for us all to indulge in. I made my favourite chocolate brownies, which I have mentioned here. I also made the best lemon drizzle that I have ever eaten which I wrote about here and for anyone interested in the recipe I will do a post with the recipe soon.
I had to be very disciplined and spend the morning in bed as usual. A couple of my besties came early to help with setting the table and doing the final touches. I hung the bunting the night before and got everything ready so it was just a case of setting the table and waiting for all the cakes to arrive.

I used my lovely vintage cake stand (the one with the brownies on), but one of my friends, owner of Fizzy Vintage kindly brought another couple for us to use. Do pop over to her website, she has the most amazing vintage china and whenever I see her I am generally overcome with the urge to add a little more to my collection, I find the whole vintage china thing rather addictive, I must confess.


I filled my new decoupage mayo jars with some flowers from the garden and they looked so lovely. It was a shame that we constantly had to keep rescuing them from being blown over by the wind. It made me giggle really, all week we have had the loveliest and hottest weather with not a breeze in sight, but of course as soon as there are flowers on a table things changed, most definitely Murphy's law, as we would say in South Africa.

We enjoyed some Pimm's, courtesy of the lovely Emma and served in her Grandmother's jug, wearing her Grandmother's dress, got to love that frock!! I normally don't drink, purely for health reasons, but one has to make a little exception for a big occasion and I felt it would be rather rude not to enjoy a small glass of the lovely Pimm's in the company of such lovely woman. On this note I want to say just how much I love woman, I am definitely a feminist of sorts and often feel so lucky to be a woman. I love the inner strength I so often see in woman, the passion they have for life and the skill and talent they so often exhibit during a normal day. This does not mean that I don't think men are strong and talented and amazing, I do, but there is something rather special about woman and I feel incredibly lucky to be one and to be surrounded by such wonderful woman in my life.


It was such a wonderful afternoon with my lovely friends, which soon flew by and before we could say bliss, the men and children arrived for the braai (bbq) (I think we could've happily carried on without them for at least another couple of hours to be honest and felt a little shocked that time had flown by so quickly).  The calm girlie chatter and laughter quickly turned into noisy screams and fortunately more laughter as the kids stripped off, jumped in the paddling pool, ran around, bounced on the trampoline, ate cake and played games.

 The oldies carried on chatting and the garden suddenly felt really full and very busy, but in a very lovely way.

Prosecco and Champagne was opened and copious bottles enjoyed by all and the next course was served with more puddings and cake to follow. It truly was a feast fit for a King. Much later on marshmallows were toasted on the fire by the kids who eagerly awaited their next turn.

The conversation continued into the late hours, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to rope in the boys to show off some muscle and move our chiminea that's been in our front garden ever since we moved in. A couple of beers helped their level of enthusiam and within no time all the girls were huddled around a lovely warm glow from the chiminea.

The party ended with the kids doing several versions of Gangham style and a little wrestling (what is it with this song and kids?!).

Hours later once everyone had left and the kids were tucked up in bed, I enjoyed a quiet moment in front of the warm chiminea with the man I love more than words will ever say, reflecting on a wonderful day shared with the very special people in my life.
It truly was a wonderful day, thanks to my lovely friends and amazing hubby. Thanks to everyone for making it so special and for making such a lovely effort to make it a day to remember.
The holidays have officially started and my tears shed about little E leaving preschool. Now its time to make the most of these last few weeks together.
Wishing you all a happy and creative week wherever you are. A big welcome to my new followers and thank you to everyone for always leaving such lovely comments, I really appreciate each and every one of them.
Warm wishes


  1. Hannapat sending you many congratulations, thank you for sharing your special photographs, they are just so lovely. I spoke to Sue today and we both agreed that you are one very special lady. Enjoy your special time, biggest hug
    Lots of love

  2. What a lovely lovely tea party. It looks and sounds like it was very special day indeed and sounds like you enjoyed every moment. I love all your gorgeous vintage china (I have a weakness for vintage china also!) and the table and the bunting looks so pretty.
    Marianne x

  3. This is the most beautiful post Hannapat and so sweet of you to share all your lovely family and dear friends' pics! I feel privileged to have read and enjoyed it so much!
    It's nice to stretch birthdays out a bit, so congratulations again, and for doing it so well! The food spread looks delicious and the extra care taken to allow for dietary problems never ceases to amaze me among special friends!
    Must add - I love that Gangham style song/dance thing too - and I'm definitely no kid! Don't be mistaken though, I've never performed it in any shape or form - way beyond this body! I would have loved to see the kids getting into it though!!!
    I really understand and agree with your sentiments regarding women Hannapat - and men too of course! We won't forget the men folk!
    Stay well lovely lady,
    Joy xo

  4. A feast fit for a Queen I would say! Sounds like you had a really lovely time and it looks so pretty. Gangnam style: I've always found that the kids want it on, but then won't dance so you end up with grown men cantering round your kitchen twirling an imaginary lassoo around their heads. Love it! xxxx

  5. What a perfect birthday celebration, congratulations! Everything looks beautiful, what a memorable day for all! Cxxx

  6. oh wow, what a gorgeous post, and what a perfect way to celebrate.looks like one of those special daysyou'll never pretty!im inspired to organise something similar for my birthday!xx

  7. Belated Happy Birthday! Your party looked really wonderful, and how nice that everyone contributed. I like the fact that you included the children also. Many thanks for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments. Wishing you a lovely warm, sunny weekend. Love Linda x

  8. What a most lovely and special birthday celebration!! So glad that you had such a beautiful and fun day with friends and family!! Happy Birthday and may this year be filled with many blessings, crafty goodness, and love!! Happy weekend! xo Heather

  9. Such a lovely vintage tea party, Hannapat, how pretty your table looked and what lovely friends you have! The whole day and evening looks and sounds like a wonderful time, and I'm so glad you enjoyed a happy birthday celebration. Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  10. Love the table setting. That looks a fun party, loads of action shots really give a feel for the event. Jo x

  11. This does look like the most fabulous day :D

  12. What a fab party....I love your bunting, I want to make some for my veg patch! I'm glad you had a great time! :) x

  13. I'm so glad we got to see some pics of your party. Everything is set up beautifully, looks like the perfect way to celebrate your 40th. The food looks delicious! I have some of those bird glasses & that jug too! Small world. I LOVE your curls, divine hair! I hope the school holidays are going okay. Much Love. Xx

  14. What a wonderful way to celebrate your 40th birthday. I have yet to celebrate my 40th - I had just given birth to Olly. I am owed a party I think!

    I have nominated you for a liebster. Hope you don't mind. I think it's a bit of fun, but you don't habe to join in if it's not for you. I just really like your blog, and you have been very supportive of mine.

    Leanne xx

  15. Happy belated birthday Hannapat! Everything looks so pretty and inviting. I'm glad you had a wonderful tea party with your loved ones.

  16. That looks like a really superb party. What a nice idea to have a girly tea party first then a big noisy family bbq later. Everyone looks as though they're having a ball and the food looks wonderful. x

  17. What a perfect way to celebrate your Birthday! Love all the details and everything looks wonderful, especially the bunting which I missed in your last Post. A very big belated Happy Birthday to you! Mel x

  18. Thank you for each and every one of your comments, I was so touched by them all. xoxo

  19. This looks like a perfect way to spend a day! Its all so pretty. Love the square bunting. I just found your blog actually, from Mezz's, and I got excited when I read your a south african. I am too, living in melboure, but I love finding more south africans! x