Saturday 9 August 2014

Sew and Tell

So as promised a quick sew and tell, the truth is that if I had my way I would have my bottom firmly screwed down in front of the sewer for a good few hours a day, but hey somehow life gets in the way, but its not all bad.

So first up is my Margot pyjama bottoms. I was so excited when I first learned that Tilly Walnes was writing a book. I absolutely LOVED her in the first series of The Sewing Bee and was guttered when she had to leave. I just love everything about her style, so needless to say when she announced that you could pre order the book, I wasted no time. For those of you who haven't flicked through this fabulous book 'Love at First Stitch:Demystifying Dressmaking', you should seriously do yourself a favour and get your mitts on it. It has some really lovely sewing ideas with some lovely patterns. I really love the fact that the patterns are all full sized, so no enlarging or faffing required, which suits a gal like me down to the ground.

Now for quite some time I have been meaning to make some PJ's and seeing that there are quite a few easy patterns floating around on Pinterest it was only going to be a matter of time before I got around to it. The first time I flicked through this book, I immediately knew what my first project was going to be, yes you guessed it, the Margot PJ's. I bought the fabric, but as is often the case it got put to one side to make room for something else, well that was until I could wait no longer and as they say the rest, well, was history.

These are really easy PJ's that you can make in next to no time. I think all in all (ignoring hand sewing the hem) it took me a few hours, but now that I know what I am doing I suspect it will take me a little less time to make the next pair, they are just too comfy not to!

A few weeks ago, I spied a fabulous looking magazine on no other than the very lovely Daisy's Instagram feed and it was only a matter of days before I was flicking through it.  I love everything about this magazine (thank you Daisy!), it is so varied with so many different and lovely sewing ideas and projects, in fact I can feel a little subscription coming up, ssshhh don't tell hubby! This months issue comes with a pattern for a rather lovely little tunic, so I wasted no time in reaching for my shweshwe fabric, which I purchased during our recent visit to South Africa, and got started.

Again, seriously, this is an easy peasy pattern to follow and such a quick sew for a rather lovely finish. My only criticism about it is that it came out far too big for my liking so yet again I had to take it in! This seems to be an ongoing trend with my dressmaking, but I suspect sooner than later I will start understanding what my true size is. 

If it wasn't for the alterations, this would have taken no more than a few hours from start to finish. It is simple and uncomplicated and for any new sewers out there, give it a go!! I am definitely going to make another one, in fact it would seem a shame not to!

So whilst I was packing and tidying, I spotted a pattern for a sunglasses case (again part of this month's Love Sewing Magazine) and needless to say I just somehow had to make one...

Fortunately it was really quick sew that I just about managed to squeeze in and I must say I'm very impressed with yet another Sewgirl pattern. The only criticism, yes you've guessed it, its a little too big for my liking ;-), in fact its the perfect little make-up bag.

So that's it for today and for my sew and tell. We are soon jetting off on summer jolly and going back to beautiful Tuscany, so needless to say we are all feeling a little giddy with excitement, but as usual there is quite a lot to get ready and prepared, so I better get on with it! Wishing you all a beautiful couple of week and leaving you today with some beautiful lavender from the garden (Ma this one is for you!).

Warm Wishes


  1. Hello my friend, you have been busy. Glad you found time to make your glasses case with the beautiful fabric. After seeing your gorgeous top on IG I bought the magazine yesterday. I used to make most of my clothes but only rarely make them now, need to remedy that! The book looks interesting, great that it has full size patterns.
    Have a lovely time in Tuscany.
    Carol xx (aka Dansnan IG)

  2. What a lovely show and tell! Those pyjama bottoms are just too sweet...and I love the tunic fabric so much, your sewing skills for it are simply perfect! And you even made a case for your trip - wonderful! Enjoy glorious Tuscany, relax and have a marvellous time! Chrissie x

  3. I love the sew and tell, you did brilliantly with all your projects. I love teh fabrics and that small case is wonderful. Glad you had some fun time to sew and create.

  4. LOVE that you are sewing so much (I just got back from a long vacation, with plenty of sewing ahead of me - projects in my mind right now). I HATE trying to size clothing from patterns...seems they are NEVER right. ARGH - the pajama pants and that tunic both ROCK. Thanks for the tip on the book. Happy Saturday, Hannahpat!

  5. Good for you, doing all of this sewing. They all came out beautifully. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. Your PJ's are great, but that top is just wonderful!!! I love the fabric so much, I hope that you enjoy wearing it. I can't find your e-mail address, I appear to have lost it! Can you reply to this and then I will reply to you! Thank you! xx Oh, and I forgot to say, that pincushion ring is a brilliant idea isn't it! xx

  7. The top is so beautifully made, a really lovely job. And the pyjamas are fantastic, I'm almost thinking of making some myself, although my sewing skills are seriously limited. You have been busy. I hope you have a lovely Sunday, and thank you very much for the sweet comments you've left for me, they are very much appreciated. CJ xx

  8. You've been doing a beautiful job with your sewing projects, lovely Hannapat! I've been watching out for both the book and magazine for the past few weeks or so but they take forever to get to our fair land!!! The fabric for your dress is wonderful and I'm sure you'll really enjoy wearing it - it'll make you feel and look bright and full of vim and vigour, as they say:) And your jamas are also lovely in that gentle patterned fabric, they look nice and soft and comfy. And of course there's your make-up bag which is also very sweet and beautifully made, well done girl, you've really excelled yourself and proved that you really can and should be sewing more - when time allows! I do love your lavender, and the wee jug you so casually placed it in, very nice effect x Now, enjoy your Tuscany trip, that will be a wonderful break for you all again, and I will catch up soon - been a little preoccupied of late but okay! Take care dear friend, sending much love, Joy xoxo

  9. Dear Hannapat
    Lovely makes - you are so clever! I have got the book too and the pyjama bottoms are on my to do list as well. That tunic is stunning and it looks like I may have to get the magazine now...
    Enjoy your trip to Tuscany.
    Best wishes

  10. Love it all .... have a wonderful time in Tuscany, looking forward to your pictures! Anita xo

  11. Those pyjama bottoms look so comfy and the Tunic is wonderful in that shweshwe fabric!

  12. Gorgeous makes, especially the PJ bottoms, I love those.
    Marianne x

  13. Hello lovely, just catching up here and no doubt you're already in Tuscany. Here's hoping you're having the best time x

    PS Loving the PJs

  14. Some really good makings in this post love the PJ's and the tunic.
    Clare x

  15. Hi, love the tunic and managed to get the pattern but unable to get a back issue of the mag. Is there any way you could show the instructions please? Kind regards, Suzanne x

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