Sunday, 2 February 2014

Healthy Fruit, Nut and Oat Bar - a recipe

Today I want to share a fabulous recipe that I experimented with this week. I was hoping to do a great big post all about sugar, but it seems that I lost my tussle with time, so it will have to wait for now.

As some of my regular readers will know my current fad is reducing the amount of sugar we consume in our diets and this little experiment is nothing short of a really healthy alternative for a snack that is not only filled with good nutrients, but also pretty low of sugar, especially fructose. I know what you're thinking right now, but surely fructose is good for us!! The answer is yes it can be if taken in the right form, but if I am honest I think that generally speaking we are all pretty ill informed about this subject matter. Unfortunately I don't have time to go into any detail tonight, but I promise to shed a little more light on this subject during the next couple of weeks, but for now here is the recipe for anyone interested. I promise you won't be disappointed.


Healthy Fruit, Nut and Oat Bar
1 cup organic puffed rice (no sugar added!)
1 cup gluten free oats
1/2 cup shredded Coconut
1/2 cup walnuts
1/2 brazil nuts
1/2 pumpkin seeds
1 cup dates (I use madjool dates)
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/3 cup nut butter
2-3 tbsp. Rice Malt Syrup
I use a general cup measurement, so there is no need to be concerned about the differences that comes with some interpretation of cup measurements.
Simply measure out all your dry ingredients and process them all together in your food processor. I prefer a fairly processed mixture, but this is really up to your own preferences. I want the kids to eat it, so I don't really want big chunky pieces of nuts and dates peeping through. Then add your dates, as mentioned I used madjool as they tend to be a little softer, but if yours is hard, you can always soak it for up to an hour before you want to make this. Whilst it is processing, melt the coconut oil using a double boiler method, therefore just putting the oil in a bowl hovering over simmering hot water. You loose a fair amount of the nutrients if you melt it directly, so use this method instead. For the nut butter, I use this nut butter which is a blend of peanuts, cashews and hazelnuts, but you can just use peanut butter or any nut butter of your choice, or you can simply make your own if your food processor has the capacity to do it. Add the nut butter to the oil mixture and then add your rice malt syrup. I specifically chose rice malt syrup as it is fructose free. It has the consistency of honey and taste a little like a mild golden syrup with a hint of malt, but it works a dream.
Rice malt syrup is made through cultivating organic brown rice with enzymes in order to break down the starches and then cooking it until it becomes a syrup consistency. It therefore contains carbohydrate, maltose and small amounts of glucose, but no fructose whatsoever, which makes it a really good substitute for honey or syrup.
Once the coconut oil, nut butter and syrup is thin and runny, add it to your dry mixture and quickly process for a  minute or so just to ensure that it is all properly combined. Line a swiss roll tin or something similar with some parchment paper and scrape the mixture into your tin and then pop it in the fridge for a good hour or a little longer to give it time to set. Once it has set, you can cut it into the desired size, freeze some and keep the rest in the fridge if you like or in an airtight container outside. Personally I kept mine in the fridge, but I am sure it will be absolutely fine outside.  They freeze really well too! I got around 35 slices out of mine, so if you want less you can always half the recipe if you like.

I hope you have fun trying out this recipe, do let me know how you get on please feel free to ask any questions. I would be very interested in your feedback. We enjoyed a few slices during out 'Stitch and Bitch' on Friday and I have to say that this bar has been going down a treat and everyone is enjoying it. Since starting my quest to learn a little more about the implications of sugar to our bodies, I am struggling to find healthier options for the kids for snacks as so many of the so called 'healthy snacks' are loaded with sugar. This makes a pretty scrumptious snack that the kids will enjoy too! As you know nuts are pretty high in fat, so don't indulge in too many at once. I find that one slice gets me through my hunger periods during the day.

The good news is that our new toy (vitamix) arrived on Friday afternoon and we have already been having heaps of fun playing with it. So far we have made some soup, smoothies, and some ice cream, in fact the kids made their own ice cream, so they are loving my their new toy!
Before I go I just wanted to say thank you for all your lovely comments about the progress on my Spring throw and first quilt. In fact I finally got around to making the binding for the quilt on Friday and it is now waiting to be hand stitched, not my first love, but it will be worth it!
Wishing you all a happy and creative week.
Warm Wishes


  1. Thanks for sharing. The triple nut butter looks amazing, never seen such a thing! And the rice malt syrup also sounds fab. I'm enjoying discovering all these new things to try! Today I picked up some almond butter so I'm looking forward to experimenting with that :)

  2. Looks delicious Hannapat! I will have to give this a try when I have some time.

  3. These look fab and like something my husband would enjoy...they sound like a good energy booster for mountain bikers! Thank you for sharing. Can I admit that I always look forward to your baking or cooking posts as I love having a look at your gorgeous vintage china?!

  4. I hope that you enjoy the vitamix and get great use from it! xx

  5. I love the look of this recipe. I'm always on the lookout for things like this that have lots of good energy but are low in sugar. I'll definitely be giving it a go, thanks for sharing it.

  6. Fab recipe Hannapat, thanks so much for sharing, and I'm so happy for you that your new toy arrived safely and the littlies as well as you of course, haha, are having lots of fun with it! I'm looking forward to seeing your lovely quilt all finished! Do have a wonderful and healthy week lovely! lots of love, Joy xoxo

  7. This looks like an amazing recipe! I can't wait to see pics and hear more about the new family toy...and I bet you'll end up making a lot of your children's snacks - I find it exceptionally difficult to find enough healthy snacks for older children without it being full of junk or costing the earth! Baby and toddler snacks are easy - the Organix range and Goodie bars are super, but older kids are left out in the cold! Chrissie x

  8. Dear Hannapat
    Glad to hear you are all having lots of fun experimenting! I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt too.
    Have a good week
    Best wishes

  9. They look really yummy, may I come to yours for tea?
    I dare not bake anything, there is only me to eat it and I will scoff the lot, greedy pig that I am.
    Hugs x

  10. Thanks for sharing this - I am definitely going to give it a go once I've bought in some of the ingredients (I want to stick as close as poss' to your recipe).
    I wholeheartedly agree with you about sugar and its adverse affects to our health. I've reduced the amount of sugar we consume here dramatically, and as a result my daughters appetite and willingness to try more savoury meals has improved ten fold. I used to crave sweet things but now I find I can't stomach a big portion of cake, ice cream etc. I don't even crave chocolate - I never thought THAT would happen!!
    I can't remember if I've mentioned this here before (sorry if I have), but there is a really informative lecture on Youtube called Sugar: The Bitter Truth, and it is hosted by Professor Robert Lustig who featured on the Horizon programme last week - 'Fat V Sugar'. He goes into depth about how high fructose corn syrup has such a damaging, detrimental effect on the liver. There is another documentary which you should see called Food Inc, we watched this on Netflix (not sure if it can be found on Youtube). Both of these go into detail about the huge corporate food companies in the U.S. - an absolute 'must see'. I read all the food labels now as a result! No more McD's for us.
    Good luck with the quilt it looks gorgeous. Have a great crafting week XX

  11. Thank you for this healthy recipe Hannpat! It does sound and look tasty! Your porcelain plates caught my eye immediately. So very pretty :-)

    Happy week,

    Madelief x

  12. This looks so good. I love things like this, delicious but also healthy. Thanks for sharing!

  13. This sounds and looks really good Hannapat. I am loving all your gorgeous china ware, they are fab. Are they new or vintage finds?

  14. Looks delicious and healthy, hannapat. I'd love to read more about your views on sugar and fructose. As you may know I had gestational diabetes last year while carrying Alexander and had to really watch my sugar intake. Since getting the all -clear, I've just gone all sugar crazy even though I know it's really bad for me.

  15. Ohhh - you are so good...another delicious looking recipe to try out. Need to catch up on my blog reading - I just get well, and bam, AGAIN! Back "in the pink"...Happy Tuesday, Hannahpat!

  16. Hannapat these look scrumptious - I am worried about the amount of sugar I eat each day and am looking for other options, this could be it. Thank you lovely Hannapat. Big hugs to you

  17. These look fab and like something my husband would enjoy...they sound like a good energy booster for mountain bikers! Thank you for sharing. Can I admit that I always look forward to your baking or cooking posts as I love having a look at your gorgeous vintage china BEST WEBHOSTING |

  18. Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe, Hannapat, I really want to try it! I am just catching up and love your spring throw and the peek at your new quilt in your previous post......I look forward to seeing it quilted, it looks lovely! Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xx

  19. I am also concerned with the amount of sugar I consume. I look forward to your post about fructose I thought it was good sugar I.m so confused. I am so glad to have found your blog I learn so very much. I will give this a go, just wanted to ask about the nut butter I have cashew nut butter is that ok??

  20. Ooh LOVE this recipe and thank you for sharing...I have a vegetarian in the house....and I'm always looking to upgrade her diet, with this type of nutritious yummy food..We use a lot of Anita Bean recipes for quick lunches and I Love these too...
    We've been making soups here at home and I've made a delicious Veggie shepherds pie, with pulses and quorn and lots of mash..hehe! Just what is needed for these grey wet days...
    LOVE your cup, Hanna pat, and DITTO, I have it too!
    Take time to dream, my friend...
    Maria x

  21. it's always good to discover some more healthy alternatives. Its also a good idea to limit the sugar intake (as I eat chocolate covered raisins...) but maybe I will try to cut back on the amount of sugar too :) have a nice day!