Sunday, 1 September 2013

A quick Mint Wreath Tutorial

Now that all the lovely mint in our garden is in flower, I thought I would share a quick and easy to make mint wreath with you. I made two of these yesterday, one for our front door and one to hang inside the house and the aroma is simply wonderful.


It is such a simple little project, yet it looks gorgeous and smells wonderful too. For any of you not in possession of an old ring,you can just use some wire, like I did when I made Lavender wreath. Fortunately, or unfortunately for us, our old barrel planter broke yesterday, so I now am the proud owner of three metal rings and a handle (you never know when you might need to get a handle on things?!). So what better way to use it than to make some wreaths.
So here goes:

1. If you don't have a metal ring, then make some out of wire by shaping it into the shape of ring and getting at least four-five rounds, so the ring-base is solid (you can refer to the picture a the bottom of this post.
2. Cut some mint when it is in flower and make sure to cut them quite long.

3. Wind the mint around the ring, weaving it under and over the ring and keep doing it until you have a substantial amount of mint on the  ring and you are happy with the fullness of your wreath.
4. Now use your string to secure it in at least two to three places.

Once you have done this your wreath should look something like this and then you are ready to hang it.


Then I made another for inside the house as they smell so wonderful.

Happy Monday to all you lovely people. 
Warm wishes


  1. What a lovely idea.
    Looks good, smells good.

  2. I have an abundance of mint but never thought to use it in a wreath - fabulous idea, thank you! Cx

  3. Hello Hannapat! It's lovely to be here for the first time. Your mint wreath looks so natural and sweet and I can imagine how fabulous its scent must be too. Does it last for quite a while, I wonder?

    Warmest wishes from sunny France and, if I may, I'm off to become a follower of your blog.


  4. Oh what a lovely fresh minty smell around here! Lovely post Hannapat!
    Joy xo

  5. These are really fabulous! So pretty and natural looking and I imagine the scent must be wonderful too.
    Marianne xx

  6. Hannapat this is wonderful and am sure it smells just divine. What a wonderful idea - you are so so creative and I just love your blog. Thanks again
    Lots of love
    So glad that you are back

  7. Just beautiful, your head must be full to the brim of great ideas! :) x

  8. Oh I LOVE this. Looks pretty and I can imagine how beautiful it smells too. I have a heap of mint in the garden so might have to give this a try.

  9. What a lovely idea - love it, and definitely adding it to my "Really-would-love-To-Do" list!
    I just saw on a comment that you left at Joy Jinks that you're a fellow Serfrican :-) I'm a Cape Town girl, whereabouts are you from?
    Love Gilly xx

    1. Hi Gilly, how lovely to hear that youre a fellow 'Sefrican' living in the UK. I always think it is so lovely to meet other south Africans. I'm originally from jo'burg, but spent my last 6 years in CPT a place very dear to my heart. My granny lived in the cape all her life and my mum grew up there and we went there every year for as long as I can remember. I then went to stellenbosch uni and then lived in Somerset west for a year before coming to the UK. Whereabouts in the cape are you from and when did you come over?? Much love xoxo

  10. Hello Sweetest Hannapat! Such a beautiful wreath!! I wish I had such pretty mint growing to make this! Thanks for always sharing such prettiness!! And, thank you for always leaving such sweet comments! I hope that you have a wonderful and crafty week dearest! xo Heather

  11. Oh what a lovely idea. Bet it smells like heaven! xxx

  12. How lovely. Thanks for the tutorial. I made a wreath once and it was a total disaster. I'd love to try again. There's something so welcoming and natural about having a wreath of fresh greenery on your front door. x

  13. Gorgeous idea! Thank you for this inspiring tutorial Hannapat.....the mint wreaths look really lovely and I can just imagine the delicious scent too. Must pop out to my garden now and see if any mint is in flower :)
    Helen x

  14. I love this! I did a wreath with Hydrangeas last year and it looked lovely.

    I don't seem to be getting your posts flagged when you write them, even though I follow you on bloglovin', so apologies if I miss some posts. It isn't intentional.

    Leanne xx