Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lady Lavender


Lady lavender you are my constant through Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring
Your flowers express your beauty so eloquently whilst your scent intoxicate my mind and soul
Not only do you invite the humble Mr Bumble for a drink, but you put a spring in my step every time I brush past you

 In late autumn your flowers infuse my home from washroom to kitchen whilst they lie drying
In winter my fingers carefully gather your heavenly scented flowers before gently filling little linen bags so I can preserve the essence of your scent in our drawers, cupboards and rooms 
Lady Lavender you give so much joy

 At night your scent infuse the bath so little ones can drift off into a sweet slumber with eyes tight
For us oldies a few sprinkles on a pillow to stop the toss and turning and a few drops of your essence mixed with some cream to stop the old muscles burning
When days get dark and long your presence embrace me and make me calm appreciating cosy moments in front of fires blazing enjoying lavender and syrup buns

 In spring its wonderful to see the green slowly return and witness how your palms slowly fill with a cascade of beautiful purple flowers
You are my constant Lady Lavender through Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring
I think it is fare to say that you are more precious to me than a bit of bling!




Joining in today with Lou for week 15 of the Nature in the Home series.
Happy Thursday


  1. Hannapat this is just lovely, I do adore lavender and am drawn to it everytime. When we holidayed in Norfolk a few years ago we went to a farm and I wanted to buy everything! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, the lady is Sue Wainwright so I think she is the same lady - she is so lovely. I am trying to go on more of her courses - I live near Chester so Macc a little too far for me in the evening - Sue held the course in her lovely home. Hannapat would love to meet up with you and am trying to get some time to go back to Birmingham - it would be such fun to do something together. Thank you for another great post, I love reading your blog it is so colourful and interesting.
    Lots of love

    1. Yes that is the same Sue and she is very talented indeed. A shame its Chester, but I am sure we can sort a trip out to Birmingham one day?! Thanks for all your very sweet comments you always leave, I really appreciate them xoxo

  2. oh she is one of my favourites too! we have a hedge of it growing under the bedroom window. I can never go past it without rubbing her leaves, your fab styling...very romantic and pretty. Al x

    1. Under the bedroom window, no better place!! Thanks for your sweet comments Alison xo

  3. Love lavender. Love it but unfortunately mine was in a pot and died!!!!!
    You have inspired me to start again xoxo

    1. Yes, I have stopped counting the number of lavender plants that I have lost during winters, but I can never resist buying more and with time the collection slowly grows and some do survive. I am really surprised that all mine got through last winter, not as expected! xoxo

  4. Hey Hannapat! Thanks so much for stopping by and deciding to follow my blog. Dead chuffed. I have returned the favour, your blog looks very inspiring.

    Leanne xx

    1. Hello Leanne, thank you for stopping by here and for returning the favour. I love finding new blogs and yours look wonderful and I am really looking forward to spending more time over there xo

  5. Your Spanish lavender is just gorgeous! I bet the aroma just fills the air.